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Faith & Morals Are Not Political Issues

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As I watched the State of the Union this week, I just felt the tension behind how deeply our political parties are divided. It's a real challenge because Christians easily get sucked right into the politics. We all have social issues we’re passionate about. We have values, personal styles & ethnic backgrounds. We have work related fears that shape our views on education, government regulation, truth & money.  As Christians, it's so easy to let these variables shape our world view even more deeply than our relationship with God.


It's a real problem when we let our faith, our values & our view of truth become political issues. Our faith and our values are Biblical issues. Our worldview needs to be grounded on truth, faith, love and most importantly on what Jesus said. That's all in God's Word, so making that Word (The Bible) our moral & spiritual foundation will reset our worldview.


I pray daily that my kids would tangibly figure out how to make God’s Word their moral and spiritual foundation. This is important because when Jesus is our foundation, his worldview becomes our worldview. At that point, politics, cultural backgrounds, family dynamics and personal style fall behind what God is doing in our life & in our community.


Let's reset. Let's look at the role that God's Word plays in our personal life. Let's look at the role God's Word plays in our immediate family as well. Let's stop allowing culture to make our faith, our family values & morals into political issues.


Sure we can't control what other people do, but we can make our faith, family values & morals into a foundational part of our worldview.



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