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Foundations. Shift!

Foundations. Shift!  | foundational truth | SOS Radio

The writings of Matthew Mark Luke & John tell the story of Jesus written by people who experienced Christ and his work. When I dig into the stories of how Jesus chose these 12 disciples, I see this deeper story of how God changes hearts and moves mountains for us. These guys set the foundation for Christianity. They started the church, they set the leadership and accountability in place to catapult us forward and save us. They pressed on and when life got really tough, that’s when the church grew the fastest! It works the same way now.

These guys set their foundation on Christ for everything they did. They let his teaching challenge them and change their hearts. They realized that the only absolute truth is rooted in God. They owned the fact that they were sinners. They accepted God’s forgiveness and let him change their hearts. They realized that Jesus was the only path to forgiveness and eternal life because he fulfilled the covenant that was set up by God in the old Jewish law. (That’s how God dealt with the problem of sin & it’s corruption) Jesus’ perfection and his atonement for sin was the only thing that could fulfill the Old Testament covenant so we could be in the presence of God.

Now the application is that they made ALL of this their FOUNDATION …. not just a compartmentalized PART of their life. Jesus’ love and his teachings were what caused the shift! Is that our foundation or just a part of our life. Let’s get foundational.


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