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Friendraiser is About Vision!

Friendraiser is About Vision! | Friendraiser Is About Vision! | SOS Radio

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SOS Radio is a ministry with real vision behind it. Our team wants to share the hope of Jesus in our city. We want to encourage your family each morning while your driving to school and driving to work. We want to shine a light in a culture that’s felt pretty dark recently. 

This goes so much deeper than what you hear on the radio. The SOS Radio community connects churches and local leaders. It’s encouragement online, on the radio and in our city. It’s people working together to connect with God and others who just feel disconnected. It’s a support team and you play a role in. We hope you’ll get more involved this week! Click HERE to give early!

Friendraiser kicks off next Wednesday. We invite you to grow deeper and play a role in all the lives that are being changed both on the radio and behind it. Just call 1-800.804.5452 and join the support team. We’ve done the math and it’s gonna take 1000 new friends getting involved at $40 a month to make the impact in this city that we’d like to see this year. However, if you feel led to give more or give less than that suggested amount, you’re ARE going to play a VITAL role in all this! Thanks for calling and joining the support team at! 1-800-804-5452



We seem to get a snail mail

We seem to get a snail mail statement every month which has to cost lots of money. Can we get those statements emailed to save on your postage cost?

I need to get my CC gift changed to EFT so I will have to call and get that done.

Let's make my small gift go as far as possible.

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