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God Isn't Afraid of Conflict

God Isn't Afraid of Conflict | Conflict doesn't ahve to be bad | SOS Radio

Conflict doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's actually something that almost always catapults us forward.

Author Donald Miller says, “God’s more interested in the outcome of our story and he is interested in the conflict it takes to get there. God is more interested in you experiencing meaning that finding pleasure, so he doesn’t have a problem letting you go through conflict. If God were directing your story, he’d probably say two things:  1. Allow your character to be transformed 2. Make sure your story is about saving lives.” 

Look at the story of Joseph in The Old Testament. His circumstances were really challenging, but the conflict he faced refined him again and again until he was one of the most influential men in Egypt! Everything Joseph learned in the story came out of conflict, but it made him a better man every time.

We can address conflict or we can go out of our way to avoid it and prolong the inevitable.  There is a difference between being a "peacemaker" and being a "peacekeeper." A peacekeeper is someone who goes out of his/her way to avoid conflict. Peacekeepers go around conflict, while peace makers work through conflict In a Biblical way.

Jesus said, "Blessed are the peace makers, for they will be called children of God." (NIV)

Donald Miller says: “The only way a character can be transformed in a story is through conflict. There is no other way.” God isn’t worried about conflict. He’s more interested in your outcome."


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