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Deep thoughts from Scott Herrold SOS Radio

God’s really worked on my heart over the last few years and challenged my wife and I to shift the way we look at generosity. Many of us have looked at a poverty mindset on one end of the spectrum and a prosperity mindset on the other end when it comes to money. That's because the Bible cautions us not to let money control is, but it also talks about how giving and living generously do bring blessing into our life. I think we get a little out of balance because we let the greedy people of the world taint our view of giving. I want you to know, my heart isn’t really focused on either mindset in that pendulum. It's not a poverty mindset OR a prosperity mindset. My family is seeking a Biblical mindset. If Gods word speaks clearly about something I want to own that. I want to be a better steward of the money that God gives to me. I hope I reflect that as I share about the financial needs of SOS Radio during our Friendraiser this week. I want to do a better job!

I heard an author/pastor Willie George say, “The love of money steals our creativity because it makes us constantly live in fear.”

When we live a life of worry, it's because we've taken our eyes of God. We've let money become Lord over us, rather that God. The Bible is so clear that when we give, it eventually comes back to us. It's not karma. It’s not a law of supply and demand or profit. It's a Biblical principal, but we let our greed twist it into “I'm gonna give so I can get….” and that's not what the Bible says.

Jesus said, "We cannot serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God & Money." (It's in Matthew 6:24)

We give because God gave. We give God our first fruits, as an element of trust. We give in order to help others. We give so our money does not  Lord over is. To me the bottom line is that our giving is really about God and the way he uses money to challenge and teach us. When I realized everything is actually His, it changed my entire view of what generosity is. I adjusted my motivation, because I didn't want my money to control me. I give because God gave. 

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Well said.

Well said.


I often pray about this, and

I often pray about this, and wish I had made better decisions several years ago. There are a lot of people I could be helping if I had been a better steward.

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