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Goodbye, SOS Radio. We Love You.

SOS Radio is an Oasis. 
That's how God has used it in my life. Our family moved to Vegas a few years ago from a place where our marriage had gone through some rough times. We were on the mend. But SOS Radio Network has been a place to bring that healing to a fuller realization. The staff & management here are motivated by love. It shows when you listen to the station. Everything is done in love. Every decision made is made in great prayer. 
And that's why it's so hard for us to leave SOS Radio. SOS is unique. I've never worked ANY place like it. I've worked some great places. But SOS has a flavor of Grace all it's own. And it comes from the top down. We've LOVED living in Vegas. But we're moving home to where our family began. I've taken a job at a Christian radio station in Tulsa, where my wife & I grew up. In fact, it's the station where I got my start in Christian radio 6 months after I met Christ my senior year in high school. So,it's a home-going for us. 
Most of our family on both sides lives in Tulsa. And this is a move that will return us to our roots. It's with great prayer and struggling that we've decided this was the best thing for our family. And it's the hardest place to leave. Leaving an oasis in your life is always hard. But ultimately, you've got to do what God has called you to, whatever that is. 
We love you, SOS listener. And we'll miss you. 
-Gary & Amy Thompson (And Family. =)



Best wishes to you, Gary,

Best wishes to you, Gary, Amy, and family. You WILL BE MISSED! May God always touch your family with his blessings of beauty and happiness.May God always inspire,sustain and provide for you
and grant you divine guidance. May you feel his loving omnipotence in every situation,encounter, endeavor, and decision. Good luck in Tulsa; it's a good place with wonderful people. Just let us know your new station name.

Enjoy a wonderful Easter season and beyond! I will always listen to SOS radio every chance I get every day. I hope your new / old station is just as life sustaining.

Linda Brooks-Curtis


Gary and Amy, Just heard the

Gary and Amy, Just heard the news. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

Tulsa is a good place with great people. May God continue to bless your lives with beauty, truth, and guidance. May the light of Christ always inspire you and God provide and sustain you. May you feel God's loving omnipotence in every situation, every encounter, every endeavor, and every decision.

Have a wonderful Easter season and beyond! Be sure to let us know the station name. I hope it will be as life-sustaining as SOS Radio in LV, to which I listen at every opportunity.

Sincerely, Linda Brooks-Curtis


God Speed I will miss you

God Speed I will miss you

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