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Heart Vs. Job Performance

Heart Vs. Job Performance | Job performance blog | SOS Radio









We put so much of our focus on job performance, but the older I get, the more I think it's about our heart.

heart and job performance

"God is more interested in your character than your career, because you're not taking your career into eternity." -- Rick Warren.


Our heart shapes our interaction with our co-workers, our employees and our clients. Our heart shapes our integrity and our job performance. Heart is what people see beyond our work. Heart is something that can draw people in and point them toward a relationship with God. 

I don't really remember the best selling sales guys at work or the most organized people at my previous jobs. I remember the people who treated me well and worked with integrity. I remember their heart- because it drove everything else they did.



Thank you!!! I work in a

Thank you!!! I work in a Counseling/Welfare setting. Because I did not save and fix my clients I go home at night feeling like I have failed God (usually crying in my car). I now understand it is my Actions, Character, and my Heart that is what is being seen and judged by the most important being in my life...GOD!!!! My prayer is and will always be doing what make him happy and brings him the most Glory...again thanks.

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