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How To Challenge Your Kids About Creation & Evolution

Challenge Your Kids Creation  Evolution | Bill Neye The Science Guy Evolution







Bill Neye, The Science Guy has been saying, "When parents don't teach their kids about evolution, it hurts society's growth and will stifle innovation...."

I think that is quite a stretch Bill.

Regardless of how you feel about evolution, there is a fundamental challenge. Evolution is based on the foundation that "the universe was created by random happenings with no plans or creator behind it." It's called "Naturalism." The entire evolutionary system is based on that premise, so saying that God started the evolutionary process or planned it and let it go, or he intervenes from time to time when necessary is rejected by the entire premise of the evolutionary system.

Don't get me wrong, I love science. It's not evil. I just want to see more people of faith address the flawed logic that has been put in to the scientific method to exclude the possibility of God. That is the gamechanger in the creation/evolution debate.

Here's the challenge. The L.A. Times said: "Since 1982, at least 40% of Americans have said they believed that God created humans in their present form, according to Gallup polling, with the latest poll saying that roughly equal numbers of Americans believe in evolution and creationism. Of those who believe in evolution, only 15% say God has nothing to do with the process."

So based on the stats, many people of faith do not understand the flawed foundation that evolution is based on. This is the logic that our scientists have been using to track the world. The "current" rules of science do not allow for a creator. It's part of the foundation of evolution & the scientific method, so we need to address that, rather than say, "science doesn't go along with the Bible."

Bottom line, rather than debate about creation vs evolution, challenge the evolutionary foundation of "naturalism." (The premise that the universe created by natural unplanned happenings, with no possibility of a creator behind it.) When you do that, you can have a real scientific discussion rather than just a faith discussion!

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