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How to talk 2 God

How to talk 2 God | Mike Couchman on SOS Radio | SOS Radio







I have been living the "glamorous life" these past few weeks since rejoining the SOS Radio team. (Backstory: I joined SOS in 2008, but tried another job out in 2010. Now I am back. :)


I have been flying from Colorado to SOS every Sunday night, then flying back home on Fridays to spend weekends with my wife and kids in Colorado. Once we landed a new home close to SOS, the Jet Fueled Commutes would cease.


So my glamorous life has involved a lot of flying and sleeping in hotel rooms. Like a rock star! The big problem with this of course is all the lonely nights without my family. As I faced another one of those yesterday evening, I thought on the things I'd love to hear my kids tell me about.


And I had an "ah-ha" moment. I long to hear from my children. I am a child of God. Perhaps, the same things I am longing to hear from MY kids are the exact same things God longs to hear from ME.


Since God is your "Heavenly Father" too, He's likely longing to hear the same stuff YOU want to hear from your own children.

Next time you're having trouble talking to Him, start there!



Thank You. Believe it or not

Thank You. Believe it or not this hit home with me. I have the hardest time praying because I feel as though I am bumbling. I read in the Bible that God does not like this. I repeat myself a lot.

God Bless

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