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How We Find God's Will

How We Find God's Will | gods will for me | SOS Radio

I was listening to the latest song from Sidewalk Prophets: Help Me Find It. These words are so powerful about God's will for our life!






When we search for God's will, we're ususally looking for His "personal agenda" for our life, but we skip over His "moral will." That's in the Bible and that's the same for everyone.

We're never going to find His "personal will" for us without the guidance of the Bible. It starts with what He has called ALL of us to do. It starts by a relationship with Him. It starts by owning His vision for the world and following His moral plan of protection. It starts with loving others and serving. Once we start owning all of that, we really grow. After we catch His big bicture vision, He starts to reveal his personal agenda for our life.

I've learned that God is more interested in my growth and development than anything else. He's never going to call me to do somethign that contradicts His will. He's never going to challenge me to step on other people to accomolish His will. He's never going to ask me to compromise my integrity to accomplish His will.

God's will is much more about Him, that it is about me.

-Scott Herrold


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