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I Think We Miss The Point of Marriage

Wedding photo

Sometimes I think we miss the real point of marriage. Tim Keller has a new book that addresses the "freedom" that actually comes with the covenant of marriage.

Tim & Kathy Keller have been married for 37 years. In a recent Christian Post article they say: "The determining factor when deciding whether to marry someone should be whether both people in the relationship want to help each other become what God has planned for them individually and together, said the couple."


In the new book, they talk about how we don't experience "true freedom" when we live with a significant other outside of marriage. It circumvents true intimacy & trust. Here's a very interesting article from Christianity Today about our culture misses the whole point of marriage.

(There are 3 parts to this interview- so make sure you click to the second & third page at the bottom of the link)


*Pic courtesy of Aleksandr Kutsayev.




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