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I Was Shocked by This Statistic


Recently on my show we were talking about this book - 168 Hours. I was shocked by these statistics from page 18...

"Full time working Moms spend only 11 minutes per day playing or doing hobbies with their kids (25 minutes if the kids are 6 or younger.) But Moms who work part-time ONLY bump that up to 21 minutes a day. Mom's who opt out of the workforce entirely barely top half an hour a day! BUT... Americans in general spend between 18-23 hours per week watching TV."

As I've been keeping track this week of how I spend my time, I'm not too far off these statistics. I was shocked! This book is really opening my eyes to how I'm really spending my time, and it's way different than I thought.





Oh My Gosh!!! I'm a stay at

Oh My Gosh!!! I'm a stay at home mom and LOVE it... I try very hard to play with my little guy... there are days though, that I'm ashamed to admit, that we plop ourselves in front of the tv! UHG... Time to choose to NOT BE A STATISTIC... our little one's are certainly worth more time than 11 minutes! Thanks for opening my eyes!

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