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I'm a Good Person, So Why Does Jesus Have To Be The Standard?

Im a Good Person, So Why Does Jesus Have To Be The Standard?







I'm a good person. Isn't that enough? Here's a discussion about where Jesus Christ comes in. I think this discussion will challenge you.

One of my Facebook friends asked an honest question that really challenged me: "Isn't God pleased if I am a good person? Why does Jesus have to be the standard?"

There's no judgement here. I thought it would make a great discussion because I think most of us have had to face this question at some point in our faith journey. Click here for a deep discussion! I welcome your feedback too! - [email protected]




None of us are good who are

None of us are good who are you kidding? We try, we pat ourselves on the back ssying "I am trying to be a good person" " I believe I am a good person" But none of us are good. Jesus is the standard and we won't be like Him as hard as we try until we pass over into glory. Then and only then will we be good. God can see us as good only as he looks on us and sees the work His Son is doing in us. He sees Christ's righteousness because we put on His standard.

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