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It's Not About Us. Peace.

It's Not About Us. Peace. | sos radio's scott herrold | SOS Radio

We all wish our circumstances turned out a little different. There’s always going to be times when we work our hardest. We put our blood sweat & tears into our work and the harvest falls short of what we hope for. We’re always going to feel inadequate cause there is no possible way we can have the skillet to be God! We are not God and we never will be.

He’s the ONLY one who’s all powerful and all knowing. He’s the only one with the true ability to create. King Solomon tried it all over the course of his life. He had money, power, a huge family, he had wisdom and great success in his work. At the end of his life he said "everything is meaningless except for a relationship with God." Being in God's presence is the ONLY thing that really brings fulfillment & hope. So shift the way you think. It’s not about you. It’s about him. It’s about his glory and his peace.

It’s about how we interact with HIM. Not the other way around.


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