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Jonny Diaz Talks Selfishness & Selflessness (mp3)

Jonny Diaz Talks Selfishness & Selflessness (mp3) | jonny diaz | SOS Radio









Jonny Diaz talks about selfishness and selflessness. How working to better ourselves isn't really a pride thing. He also talks about how scars are evidence of our journey & they open up our future. He also performs live in our podcast!



Good Morning to my Radio

Good Morning to my Radio Friend. I have been listening to your show every morning for several years.I am also a monthly supporter. It's is not much but I will do as God has lead me.
This morning, I was listening to the Random acts of Christmas. Were a church group is handing money to people as they are walking into a restaurant. These people are planning to spend money they already have.
Wouldn't a Random act of Christmas be bringing the homeless in and buy them breakfast. Giving the money to shelters that are homes to many who have nothing. Those people who are walking the street without the means of having Breakfast.
I have handed out winter gloves, hot cups of coffee and meals to people on the side of the street. I have seen them with Thanksgiving in their hearts and eyes. No names, no signs of praise from others. I do it because that is what Jesus would have done. Help those who do not have the means to buy breakfast, warm clothes or a hot cup of coffee.
I praise God that He has placed people in the right places to bring His message. I will continue doing my random acts of caring.
Maybe my little note will touch someones heart to bring the message to those who have nothing, year round, not just when the world in watching.
Amen Amen.
God Bless SOS, I love you all so much.
Merry Christmas !


Dear Friend, I also believe

Dear Friend, I also believe as you do. That the less fortunate are in it 24/7 and get passed by many without a second thought. People that are walking into somewere are already looking to spend money that they have. The less fortunate are in need and have not a roof over there head warm clothes, food even fresh water or bathroom facilities. The times I have gone out to feed them, I have talked to them and asked there names and just listened to them. Sometimes that all they need is to know someone still cares. We say a prayer together and I go on my way. They are so thankful and apprecitive. The day I was doing this a person brought 7 pizzas out to the area and started passing pieces out to them. I thought this is great. I work 12 1/2 hour shifts and leave my house early and try to make a point to brighten someones elses day by providing them with food or MCdonald coupon books that they can go in the resturant and buy what they want. I will also continue to do this and start putting a little note saying they are loved. God Bless

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