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Looking ahead to 2012

Looking ahead to 2012 |  | SOS Radio

Call them resolutions, call them goals... If I don't make a list of things I want to accomplish, I find myself looking back and not really doing much with the new year. Here's my 2012 list.

1. Spend more time with Vanessa. With 6 kids time is really a valuable commodity. This year I want to manage my time so that I'm spending more quality time with my wife.

2. Read. This is on my list every year, but it seems to fall to the wayside come spring. This year, reading 14 books in my goal.

3. Starting a college fund for the kids....... I need to start now if I'm gonning to send 6 kids to college!

4. Make healthy choices when it comes to eating.

5. Run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon. This is huge challenge for me. I have been running for a year and a half now and I really enjoy it. I thought about it this year.... but I have a fear of not finishing or coming in last. So next December, I'm going to conquer those fears and give it my best. 



I find that I usualy don't

I find that I usualy don't make goals. I seem not to really accomplish anything. This year I want to grow more in the Lord, I do run the spudman triathalon, last year I did that and also I ran in the City of Trees half marathon in Bosie. I want a better understanding of what God wants me to accomplish for him

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