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Making Our Office A Better Place To Work.

Making Our Office A Better Place To Work

Last week I attended the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit simulcast over at Canyon Ridge. Craig Groeshel from shared about bridging the gap between the older & younger generation.

He challenged us in the older generation to mentor someone in business or in a faith journey. He challenged us in the younger generation to “honor” the older people in our place of business. He said, “culture may not value maturity, but God still does.” Leadership is service first.

Just because we've done the same jobs for 3 years doesn’t mean God has called us to run our company. When we allow entitlement to lead us, we start to think we're better leaders than the people God has actually "called" to lead our organization. Jesus was a servant leader. He served up to God the Father and down to his disciples. If we can focus on living & leading with a servant perspective, God will make some awesome changes in our lives!

When we allow ourselves to believe that we can do a better job than our supervisors, we allow pride, judgment & entitlement to creep in and steer our action. Let’s do a gut check and make sure that we’re not allowing our dreams & passions to develop into agendas. Nothing will kill the health & relationships in our organization like a personal agenda. Division means two visions. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Shoot straight. Be honest. Approach your supervisors and share your ideas. If those ideas don’t line up with the big picture vision, don’t let them form into underlying agendas.

We can all do a better job honoring the leaders in our corporate food chain. What will it take for us to “specifically” go out of our way to “honor” the leaders we work with? Honoring our leaders could  change our heart, their hearts and the entire dynamic of our company.

Maybe our leaders would be different people if our employees consistently honored them.


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