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Moving Past The Political Dissension

Moving Past The Political Dissension | Political division | SOS Radio

This was a very close election. We agree with some of the candidates, and others just scare us. Regardless of who won, the candidates are not savior of our world. Jesus is. Our elected officials are facing a lot of big problems in our country, and it's going to take all the parties working together to tackle the solutions. God is bigger than politicians, economic issues and our country's moral code. Let's set our eyes on God before they wander over to our problems.

Here's a few thoughts to help us heal from the political dissension.

Send A Letter To The President.

I encourage you to write the President. Express your concern for the next 4 years. Share your heart. If this person does not share your religious or moral views, explain your concerns and why they are important to you. This is going to be a close election, so each candidate has to know that their views are not shared by a huge majority in our country. They still have to work with people who share different view points. Share yours and pray that the President hears your plea. Explain that you didn't vote for this person, but that he has your support. Encourage him and

Different prophets pleaded with kings. Job pleaded with God. Ruth pleaded Boaz, Ester pleaded with the king etc.

Get Involved Locally.

If the choices of candidates have not been encouraging, why not get involved yourself? Just take a couple small steps. Attend school board meetings, volunteer with the PTA at school, call the local Republican/Democrat party offices and volunteer your time. Volunteer for a local congressmen/senator or run for the HOA board. Research what it takes to run for a state or local office. These little steps can get you more involved in the political process and can open doors for you to do even bigger things down the line! Another idea is to volunteer at the office of one of the candidates you don't particularly agree with. When you are a hard worker, you might get an opportunity to speak to the campaign managers and political staff, or even the candidate himself to share a few ideas of your own. Earn that place of influence with your heard work. Start somewhere.

las vegas election thoughts

Thank God For What You Have - It Shifts Your Eyes.

When you're feeling down because of the outcome of the election, thank God for the blessings in your life. Nothing will shift your eyes back to what matters faster. Thank God for your home, your job, your cars that's not 25 years old. Thank God for healthy children and education. Thank God for modern medicine and friends in your life. Thank god for the freedom to worship openly. Thank God for your church and the way he's using it in the community.

Keep Praying.

Don't underestimate the power of your prayer. Romans 8 says, "If God is for us, who can be against us." Keep praying for our elected officials and keep God in the forefront of your life. Just because a person from a different political party was elected, it doesn't mean he/she will make every decision in opposition of what you believe. Pray that God would speak into the lives of our politicians. Pray that God would put wise people in their lives who can work with them to help solve our country's problem. Pray that God would change their hearts and draw them closer to him. (Their personal faith journey might be even more important to God than their political agenda)

Remember How Business Works.

I've worked for big companies like Disney, ABC Radio, Petsmart & Bennigan's over the years. I often worked with people who did not share my views on faith, integrity, politics and work ethic. We are put on teams with these people to solve problems, sell products & impact the community. When we put our differences aside, we can build personal respect and work together to accomplish the task. Diversity can be a great thing. It can spark new ideas and processes. Think about politics more like the way you look at business. Let's look for real solutions rather than just complain and point out problems.

Give It To God.



Wonderful advice, especially

Wonderful advice, especially the keep praying part. I read a quote on Facebook this morning where a former Planned Parenthood director said she wasn't voted out of Planned Parenthood, she was PRAYED out.

I'm not happy but God is good and will provide.

God Bless!


The Lord Prevails

The Lord Prevails Nonetheless!
I watch a lot of people during the Political season and (some) folk get all hyped up about candidate and put their trust in his or her words most of the time the Politician is just giving the people "the business" and making a lot of promises that they know they are not going to keep in a lot of cases. It never ceases to amaze me how people (we) are so gullible and believe the negative ads and tones of the Politicians...especially of the one who claimed it his first run that he was going to bring people together. He has been the most untruthful, deceiving and conniving that I have seen in my time and I have seen many of them.

If we were to put our trust in the Lord as we do the corrupt Politician (and we do trust them) I wonder how successful we would be. We must pray for them. It is so sad that we who are of color are ostracized if we do not vote because of skin color too. This past Political season has left a very bad view in my mind. I really must prayed for the Lord to soften my heart about him, I really do not trust where he is leading this country. Psalm 106:15

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