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My First Day Back At SOS!

My First Day Back At SOS! | Mike's SOS Radio Page | SOS Radio

Almost exactly two years ago, like down to the day, my family moved from SOS Radio to a group of stations based in Colorado. It was the "career opportunity of a lifetime." We never expected to leave Vegas/SOS Radio after not even being here two years, but this other thing was the kind of job that was hard to turn down.


And they treated me great. Had a lot of fun there. Watched God do some amazing things through some amazing people.


At the end of the day though, it just wasn't "home." Way back last fall, I started wondering if SOS Radio would ever let me come crawling back. Maybe as their janitor or something. As much as I loved most of what was going down in Colorado, I could not escape the thought that it was not meant to be a long-term thing.


Fast forward to March of this year. SOS Radio posted a job opening. I thought, "Hey! I'll ask if I still fit. SOS will say 'Nope!' and then I'll be able to put this nagging desire to go back out of my head for good." But SOS didn't say "nope" at all.


Things got confusing. My wife and I prayed for clarity. God gave it to us! Not much in my life has ever felt crystal clear, but this was. The most crystal clear thing I have ever known, next to the realization of my need for Salvation when I was in my late teens.


I'm thrilled and grateful that God and SOS Radio are big fans of second chances. Where would ANY of us be without second chances??


Vegas hash house breakfast
My first week back at SOS Radio = a Hash House breakfast with new band Citizen Way. I'm the guy in the red shirt, and our Morning Show guy/my boss Scott Herrold is on my left. The Citzen Way dudes take up the rest of the pic. #VegasBaby



Mike, glad you're back!!!

Mike, glad you're back!!!

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