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Our Family Adventures Never Turn Out As Planned...


This weekend we took our kids (2yr old & 3 yr old) to the pumpkin patch at Gilcrease Orchard. It's a GREAT place.

We had it all plotted out. Kids cups with apple juice in them, our red wagon, hoodies etc. When we get there, we will buy them some of the fresh hot doughnuts to snack on as we pull them out to the pumpkin patch in the wagon.


We get there, we all sit on these bails of hay to take a family picture. 

Both kids whining – "AHHH…. this is itchy!" 

Then we buy the doughnuts. Naomi says "AHH… Gavin touch my doughnut!"

Then we get out to the pumpkin field and Gavin says, "NO this punkin dirty!" He wouldn't let me put it in the wagon with him. So I made him walk!

I hope your family adventures go better than mine! Share your story below!


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