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Overcoming Fear Is Easier Than You Think...

Some people say fear is the absence of faith, but I think fear IS a form of faith. It’s faith in the "what if's" of life. It’s faith in the wrong things.

As I was reading through the Christmas story with my kids recently, I noticed each time an angel appeared to Joseph or Mary or Zachariah… the first thing the angel always said was FEAR NOT. That was a point where God always made a drastic shift in that person’s life. It was an "unexpected appointment" that catapulted that person forward in their relationship with God and their work with God.

As we start a new year and we look at the cost of healthcare, and changes at our office and the way our family dynamics have been challenging, it’s easy to take our eyes off God and put them on our circumstances. But the Apostle Paul said: "We don’t live in a spirit of fear but of love and power and a sound mind."

Our opposition is often God’s opportunity. "Count it all joy" as Paul said. 


Fear of the what if's is fear of the unknows, but a fear of God is healthy. He's the only one who has control over our world. So let's rest in His presence. Let's rest in His wisdom. Let's rest in his promises. Let's rest in his Word. Jesus Christ is the only one who gives us true peace & rest.


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