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Overcoming A Lack Of Faith

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Francis Chan says, “I think the fear of God failing us leads us to cover for God. This means we ask for less, expect less, and are satisfied with less because we are afraid to ask more or expect more. I can’t imagine how much it pains God to see His children hold back from relationship with the Holy Spirit out of fear that He won’t come through. How much it grieves Him to watch His children ignore the promises He’s made throughout the Bible due to the fear that those promises won’t be kept.” (From his book: Forgotten God)


I’m wondering what’s standing in our way, where we don’t REALLY think God will work a miracle for us? Or our family?

I’d love to  be real vulnerable & honest and have a discussion about what YOU would need to do in order to remove that barrier.

Is it a trust thing? A fear thing? A lack of knowledge of God's promises?

What is the barrier to our 100% faith? Share your comments below or email me!



I will be simple: the lack

I will be simple: the lack of faith is my lack or certainty of a call from God to do something more than what is written in His word. (or at least what I understand to be written in His word) I think of all the great men of the bible and it seems one thing is for sure, they KNEW God was asking them to do something. From Noah to King David, these men (somehow) understood in there heart that God, not men nor just good intentions, was calling. My lack of "faith" is not knowing for sure it is God speaking and not just my own interpretation of what I perceive to be God. Let me give an example: If God was "calling me to be a preacher" than do I just say in the book of Romans is says "how will they hear unless someone preaches to them". Is this enough to say your are "called". For me, which I would conclude as a lack of faith, this should be enough but doubt prevails if I ask myself the question: "Are you 100% sure God is asking me to do this?".

Somehow I feel these men I read about, had no doubts about God's voice "calling" them to do this or that. Even in the new testament, Saul was struck down. It was a "without a doubt" moment.

My resolve: I feel like I am displeasing God. I am not sure if it is fair to ask God to make sure I have a "without a doubt moment". What if God doesn't want to do this? Is He not the potter and I am the clay? Does God not have the "right" to do whatever He pleases?

What if it is just my own heart deceiving me so the blindness of my soul can not see correctly. Or, is God saying 'you are not the one', many are called but few are chosen. Is is sin that is blocking me from hearing God. Is is just a spiritual battle and like Danial, Satan is hindering? Or, is it simply a lack of faith. Should I just jump into ministry without really knowing God is calling, except my interpretation of the book of Romans. I could go on and on with questions such as this.

I can't help thinking and asking God: "Lord forgive my unbelief, my shortcomings, my inability to know for sure. Lord, my life is slipping away and I only want to please you. Lord, I am not asking to be famous or great, only in Your eyes. I only want to please You, yet I constantly struggle with the feeling that somehow the problem is within me. This "feeling" makes me think I am not trusting. It makes me feel I lack faith and I don't know how to get faith. Yes I read His word. Yes I pray. Yes, I am active in His work. Yes, I at least think I love him with the best love I know how to give God.

God please forgive my confusion and lack of understanding. God, my only faith is like the man who responded to Jesus...."Lord, I believe, help me with my unbelief"

Struggling Soul desiring to please God.

"Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.."

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