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Passing The Buck - An Easter Message

Passing The Buck - An Easter Message | Scott's Blog | SOS Radio

Pilate passed the buck. After the Jewish council decided that Jesus was a huge problem for their politics, they sent him to the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate. Pilate couldn’t find Jesus guilty of any real crime, so he said so. Then the people of Jerusalem started pushing back. In fear of a revolt, he looked for another option. After hearing that Jesus was from Nazareth, he passed the buck and sent Jesus to Herod. As a Galilean, Jesus could fall under Herod’s jurisdiction, so Pilate passed the buck to someone else.

Herod, didn’t find Jesus guilty of any particular crime either, so he send him back to Pilate. But before doing so, he dressed Jesus up in a kingly robe and mocked him. “You’re the “King of the Jews???”  Here’s your kingly robe.” He made a joke out of Jesus.

The Jewish people were asking Pilate to crucify Jesus. Pilate didn’t want to, but he caved to their pressure and had Jesus flogged instead. There was a legal precedent during Passover where the Romans would free a prisoner that the people asked for. Pilate tried to use a legal technicality to let Jesus off. He gave them the option of freeing a real criminal named Barabbas or Jesus Christ. The people said. “Give us Barabbas and crucify Jesus! “So Pilate caved to the pressure of the people. He let politics rule.

We try to white wash our sins & convictions when we don’t have the guts to do what’s right. We pass the buck, we put others down with our jokes, we justify our hurtful actions, by saying, “I’m just kidding” and we lot politics affect our decisions. Let’s live by a higher standard of justice & integrity. We’re responsible to tackle problems as leaders. The way we handle our problems shows where our discernment and integrity really are.


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