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The Prayer-Space-Time Continuum

It's no secret that I'm a Star Trek geek. Not in the "Trekkie" sense where I get costumed up and chase conventions (at least not yet...sounds fun though!). One of the things that's most fascinated me in many of the Trek movies and shows is the idea that space and time aren't as concrete as we think they are.

Without meaning to, that concept acknowledges our limitless God. He is never bound by the clock, never hindered by square footage, never kept at bay by the size of a checking account.

Lately I've experienced a few things that line up with a prayer I stopped praying years ago. I never stopped wanting what I had prayed for, nor did I give up on these things. I simpy got swept up in life and had to focus on other concerns.

Then God started nudging me. Reminding me about these things. It got me thinking: if He is as limitless as I say He is, aren't my prayers just as limitless? If God is bigger than the constraints of time, aren't our prayers also just as timeless?

It would mean that while we may have forgotten about stuff we shared with God years ago, He certainly did not.

It might be time for you to revisit a few things with Him. Even if these are things you haven't mentioned to him yet this century.


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