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Pursued By God

Pursued By God | Pursued By Jud Wilhite | SOS Radio

I’ve been reading Jud Wilhite’s new book Pursued and it’s about the story of Hosea in the Bible. He was a prophet and God told him to marry a prostitute! The story obviously talks about marriage, but it’s really a parallel to God’s relationship with his people. It’s about how he pursues us and loves us even when we’re not fully understanding or seeking him.

The book talks about how we take the wrong approach when we think we’ve  done certain things FOR God. So HE should be obligated to do certain things for US, such as forgive US or dump a ton of blessings in OUR life. However, Jud Wilhite says “that’s like approaching God with a religious car salesman attitude.”

Pursued says,“ Instead of selling cars or life insurance, God is sharing forgiveness and eternal life insurance. With this approach, we do things not out of love, but in order to negotiate with God—to put Him in our debt, to broker a deal. … and of course, there are some major problems with this kind of viewpoint. The Bible says God owns everything since He made it all, so negotiating with God is like borrowing a lawnmower from your neighbor and then trying to sell it back to him."

God is pursuing us for a REAL relationship, not a trade or an obligation or a duty. 

The book released this week. You can find out more over here!


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