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School Attack Thoughts

School Shooting | Mike Couchman SOS | SOS Radio

Anger. Heart broken. Despair. Empathy for all impacted. More Anger. In fact, of all the emotions I've been dealing with today as we learn about the tragic school shooting in Connecticut, anger has been my strongest and most frequently recurring feeling.


Probably like you, I am still sorting through a lot of emotions and questions. Including the one some Christians may be afraid to ask: WHY, GOD???????????

Short of having that answer, I did find a couple thoughts from some of my Facebook friends comforting:

1. Let this be a reminder to us that people desperately need Jesus.Because we know Him, we need to be out there telling people about Him and not hiding in our safe houses away from what is really going on. It's what we are called to do as Christians!! Pray for those people, yes. Hug your kids, yes. Be thankful for your life today, yes. Then, be a part of the solution and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people you meet. Because you may never know if you could have played a small part in preventing another human disaster from happening again.

2. God has not given us an "easy answer" to evil and suffering. He's done much more. He's shown us how He feels about it. He "draws close to he broken hearted." He "stores our tears in a bottle." And even a grieving, angry, mom or dad can cry out to Him, because He's endured it, too.

Please pray this with me:

Heavenly Father,

I beg you to have your hands upon those who are wounded, and upon those who have lost their precious, beautiful babies. Have your hand upon the families and friends who are in shock right now, and comfort them as only You can.

For those who are wounded and in the hospital, heal them. For those who's lives have been torn apart today, help them to hang on to you.

Please God, in a world where there is such heartless evil, let your healing love and your justice flow.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.



These poor families, my heart

These poor families, my heart goes out to them. There is nothing we can say or do to fix this tradigty. It's not like a flood, or their home burning down....they aren't material items. These where these peoples flesh and blood! I pray for their comfort. I am at a loss for words and all I want to do is help and make it better. If there is anything I can do please email me.

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