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Sharathon is Different This Year...

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about supporting SOS financially. Sharathon is only a month away and we’ll be raising funds to keep SOS on the air. This is the perfect time to make your donation or renew your gift. Sharathon is a busy, exciting 3 days, July 17th through 19th. Right now, you can make your donation by phone or even easier, at We'll add it to the Sharathon Jumpstart fund.

That’ll give us a great start to the event on July 17th.


Call 800-804-5452 or go to our Sharathon page here or give on our iPhone/Android app.

This is different that what we’ve done in years past. We actually skipped our normal spring Friendraiser this year! We’ve been working to change around the on air pledge days where we stop the music to ask you to dive and and make your donations. Since this is our 40th year on the air, we’d like to do that only once this year. That's Sharathon next month! We still have the same financial goal- so it’s going to take every single one of us doing something to make it work

Will you pray alongside our team as we try something new this summer?

You can also help out by making your gift early or renewing your gift if you've been giving over the last few years.

Just call 1-800-804-5452 or give online here at! 


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