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So you STILL think God is "Merciful?"

Mike Couchman SOS Radio

My former home state, Colorado, has been through a lot this summer. Too much.

Last night, a person with evil in him shot 71 people at a movie theater in the Denver area. You've probably heard all about it.

Few of us know what to say, other than that we are of course praying for everyone touched by last night's maddening act of violence.

This morning, I heard somebody say the shooter is "somebody 'the Church' didn't reach. Satan did instead."


Here's what I know: many people on Facebook and Twitter and cable TV news and newspaper editorials will use this horrible situation to try convincing you their political position is the one that would have prevented last night's tragedy.


More likely, maybe not. Evil doesn't respect politics or laws or people. Evil is evil, through and through.

Instead of joining the noise chamber, will you please consider doing these things instead?

1. Remember and remind people that Jesus supersedes all of this. The politics. The blame. Even the pain.

2. Read what I am about to link you to. It was written by somebody who was IN the theater when the shots rang out last night. They ask the question "so you STILL think God is merciful?" The answers may surprise you and help you.

Here's that link:


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