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Something a baby can teach you

Something a baby can teach you |  | SOS Radio
I’ve noticed something about my 5 month old daughter, Avery. 
She’s totally cool with being herself.
In a very deep sense, she is completely comfortable in her skin. She inherently accepts herself, because she’s never had any reason not to. The world has not yet taught her to criticize herself or to try to be somebody else. 
You wanna know what really blows my mind? She so totally accepts herself that she is free to focus on living in the moment. She is free to give her attention to the fascinating world around her, rather than focusing on what the world says are her flaws.
I think that’s part of what makes babies so much fun to interact with; they are filled with the joy of accepting themselves exactly as God made them. It’s beautiful.
God made everyone beautiful.
Or, more specifically, there is a God-given beauty inside everyone. 
Every evil force in the world is trying to convince us to hide it. Criticize it. Cover it up. Be ashamed.
The more we focus on knowing God for who He is, the more we will become the person God designed.
When you are living as the person God created you to be, the beauty He gave you will radiate to everyone that comes in contact with you. It will empower them to do the same.


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