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The Story of Adoption #2

Since this month is National Adoption Month, I wanted to showcase some SOS listeners that have experienced adoption first hand. I would like to introduce you to the Cain family.

Our Story: God began our adoption journey long before we even met each other. It had been on both of our hearts to adopt our future children some day after God would bring the person we were to marry to each other. God brought us together in 2005 and we were married in 2007. We knew that God would grow our family through having children biologically and through adoption. In just three years God has added to our family with three beautiful children: Judah(2.5 years), Mark (1.5years), and Zakyah (8 months). In 2008 we found out we were pregnant with our first son, Judah. After our oldest son was almost one the desire stirred in our hearts to have more children so we began to ask God when and how.

1. What caused you to start the process:  We sought God because we wanted to know how He was going to add to our family. He spoke to us through a chain of events, Godly friends and prayer that our son was in Uganda, Africa.

2. How did it change your family and your faith: It changed our family in so many ways. It opened our eyes to how big God is. Adoption is hard and a joy! There are so many ups and downs that it grew our dependence on God. God’s heart is adoption and he gives us the opportunity to get in on what he doing! With the adoption of our son, Mark, God showed us how he works miracles and showed us His love for the fatherless.

3. Why did you chose that type of adoption: We were and are open ( we plan on adopting again) to whatever God had/has for us: domestic adoption, foster care or international adoption . We believe that God is a personally God and we believed that he knew exactly where our next child was. As we sought God he revealed to us that he had a son for us from Uganda, Africa. The intimacy we can have with the Father is amazing! God chose adoption for our family, chose Africa to be our home away from home and we chose obedience.

4. What advice do you have for others thinking about taking the adoption route: Do not be afraid to pray and seek God about specifics. He will answer! Also, ask a lot of questions to others that have gone before you and learn from them. We were never meant to walk alone and we need each other through the process of adopting a child and after a child has come home. Don’t miss out on what God has for you through the gift of adoption! It is a lifelong adventure that will change your life and your family forever.

Jeremiah and Sara Cain



The Cain family is one

The Cain family is one amazing and gracious family I know first hand . There love for not just the lord but everyone they encounter is just that pure love . They've inspired me so very much and the story about little Marc Cain is just the most beautiful let alone the video of daddy bringing home baby to meet family and friends they are a one of a kind family and mine ;-)

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