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Is There A Line with Relevance? An honest discussion with Hollywood

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kids1picIf you want to engage culture and connect, you generally want to be relevant. But when do you feel it can go too far?

One listener named Jeff called in after our movie review for Joyful Noise this morning and had a few thoughts & challenges in regard to language and relationships. He works in Hollywood where he produces movies & TV and wanted to start a discussion. It was nice to hear his heart on it.

  Movies and Relevance. Is there a line or does the connection make it OK? by SOSRadio



I think it's a matter of who

I think it's a matter of who we are serving. Are we trying to serve and please the world? Are we trying to serve, please and honor God? You can't do both.

Our society has become so desensitized and that line keeps getting pushed and pushed and the lines have been beyond blurred. Movies, television and even the magazines on the stands in the Walmart check out look completely different then 20+ years ago and it keeps getting worse.

Reality? Why does this have to be our reality? Because Hollywood says it is? We can meet people where they are at, tell a good story and dare I say even entertain without abandoning our moral standards.


First off,Scott,I really

First off,Scott,I really wanted to call in on this,but I am a heavy steel fabricator and the background noise would have been a little rough for radio.

While I understand Jeff's opinion,I do not agree.

There is no need to 'dumb down'scripture to reach *anyone*,period.The apostles were not exactly merit scholars.

Under the guise of being "missional",there are atrocities being committed behind the pulpit.

I am not sure where the movement started but there is a surplus of pastors,youth pastors,etc that seem to think the only way to reach the skinny-jeans generation is to use carnal music,dress,language,and example.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using the law of diminishing returns,if it takes carnal attributes to *reach* someone,what do you think it will take to *keep* them?The answer?......MORE.

I prefer to use the example of counterfeit currency.Employees are not trained on *bad* currency,they are trained on *good* currency,only then do they move on to discerning between the two.

If you know whats good,bad is pretty easy to distinguish.There is plenty of *bad* out there,very little needs to be added,particularly from "positive message"movies.

While I have struggled through most of my life with multiple addictions,a particularly troubling childhood and too numerous-to-mention poor life choices,God has redeemed me.For what I am yet unclear,but I thank Him for my wife and children who both know and love Him,and for life *in* Him of which I remain unworthy.

Do justly
love Mercy
Walk humbly with your God,

Scott N

PS If you want to read this on-air,I am fine with that,if you wish to e-mail that is fine also,but please be patient as I am not much of a computer person.


Thanks for the comments guys!

Thanks for the comments guys! We appreciate the feedback and honest discussion!


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