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Thoughts on Christmas Music?


We would love to hear your thoughts on Christmas music. We'll be listening to new Christmas songs over the next few weeks. Do you want SOS Radio to play 100% Christmas music? 50% Christmas music? 30% Christmas music? 0% Christmas music? Share your comments below! 



I love Christmas music my

I love Christmas music my thoughts would be 100% Christmas music. I've been listening to it myself since August. I sing with a mission group for the Southern NV Baptist Association and we are preparing for our December performances.


Hi ! I think everyone like to

Hi ! I think everyone like to listen 100% Christmas songs for this season. But i think it will be beautiful to arrange some quiz about Christmas quotes from different carols and songs. In my opinion the ratio of songs about fun, Santa and Jesus should be based on ratio of related quotes come from people. One of my favorite Christmas quotes is - Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind, Teach us to be patient and always to be kind. I am waiting to listen lots of new Christmas quotes and songs.

Merry Christmas !


90% christmas music! I LOVE

90% christmas music! I LOVE IT! My favorite time of year is when they play it on the radio. if you don't play it I will have to listen to 106.5 hehehe


I love Christmas music,

I love Christmas music, especially the songs that talk about our LORD, new and traditional. Many people it seems now days do not care for the traditional songs but I still love them. Silent Night, Oh come all ye faitfull. I could listen to Christmas music all year, but that does not mean that I would only want to hear Christmas music. 50/50 or 75/50 75 for Christmas would be good as we listen to the other wonderful music all year. Jesus is the reason for the season :-)


Christmas is my favorite time

Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I think Christmas music ALL THE WAY! 100% love this season! Oh idk how else to ask so I will ask on here. Can you play 'Can You Hear Me' by Jarrod Radnich??


Songs about Santa Clause

Songs about Santa Clause should not be on a Christian Radio station. Songs should be about our Saviour. Maybe a few others.


pish posh - i tell my kids

pish posh - i tell my kids that Santa and Jesus are good friends. both filled with love and giving.


I would really like to hear

I would really like to hear christmas music on this station that is less worldly. We choose to not get into Santa, but focus on Jesus the reason for the season.


CHRISTmas music.... 100% We

CHRISTmas music.... 100%
We only have a short amount of time to listen to it. The time goes bye so quickly.

And, Yes, I think we need to have CHRISTmas music that is geared toward CHRIST. But, too we need some fun stuff for the kids. Music by GO FISH is awesome. They have a wonderful song - Christmas with a capital C - that would be wonderful.

This isn't always a happy and fun time of year for everyone, but music can help make it so. It can remind them of why we have CHRISTmas and the joy that can come of it.

CHRISTmas music.... 100% !!


I love Christmas music. I

I love Christmas music. I confess that by the end of the Christmas season I'm ready to have a break for a few months. But during the actual holiday season, I'm all in!


Please start playing 100%

Please start playing 100% Christmas music now. Please play a wide variety of both favorites and new songs. SOS tends to play the same songs over and over and over and over. It would be nice to have a wide variety for Christmas!

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