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Vladimir Putin: Defender Of The Christian Faith?

Vladimir Putin: Defender Of The Christian Faith?

This week Vladimir Putin said he is "a defender of the Christian faith & he’s a defender of Christian values."

When we hear things like this many of us think "WHAT" because many of his past actions don't seem to line up with the Christian values we stand for. I can’t judge a man’s heart, but I find this story really intriguing because Jesus challenges us all to live by a higher standard. I love to hear how God is working in the hearts of people, but often I’m skeptical when I see quick soundclips on the news. For me, a story like this is a reminder that when we say we’re a Christian, we set a benchmark infront of us that we need to step up to. People expect our actions to line up with our words whether we're working in the office, sitting in the carpool lane at school, voting or leading a team. Our values should come through loud & clear when we make a decision to follow Christ. (If Christ is in our heart, he's naturally going to change us)

But here’s the kicker: Jesus said the world will know us by our fruit. (This isn’t about Vladmir Putin- this is about our heart) The "fruit of the Spirit" is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self control. Let's ask God to make those things bloom in our heart this spring! As we are connected to Christ and we make Him our foundation, we grow. As He changes our heart, He changes our life and our worldview. He produces fruit in our life over time when we abide in Him.

Sets live by a higher standard!


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I don't watch the news took a

I don't watch the news took a fast from media a few years ago and did not go back...I only miss it when I feel foolish because I don't know about certain current events...but I believe that if anyone repents to Jesus they are saved and able to change...we all have our battles but...he is faithful.

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