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What are you KNOWN for?

What are you KNOWN for? | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio

I'm typing this not even knowing if I am going to hit "save" so that you'll read this. It's kinda touchy, and I like my job.

You may have heard that Dan Cathy, president of Chick Fil A (please PLEASE expand to Las Vegas!!) has been taking heat for his stance on gay marriage. (Here's the transcript.)

Why does it seem like 90% of the time an "outspoken Christian" is in the news, it's for something deemed "unpopular," or "out of touch" or racist/homophobic/etc.?

The easy answer...the low hanging to blame media bias. It's Christians vs. the world. They bait us with their jaded questions. They seize on words or phrases, maybe even out of context, to paint us with a broad brush.


But let's be honest. Occasionally (maybe more than occasionally), somebody who shares our faith feeds them a perfectly insensitive, poorly thought out sound bite. Or we simply take the bait, with the best of intentions.

I have decided that any time I ever get the opportunity to talk about some terribly sensitive, polarizing topic, I am going to run it through this filter. It's a quote shared by the wise (and really tall) Carlos Whittaker"Standing against what you DON'T believe in is far less powerful than standing for what you DO believe in."

I'm not going to be baited. I pray that I will not allow conversations or my answers to questions be about things which detract from what Jesus was born to be known for. While He is certainly against many things, that's not what He told us to focus on.

Want proof? I just did a quick count of His major commands. There were about 51 of them. Nine of them were of the "don't" nature. (Like "don't lie, don't murder," etc.) The rest of them....a whopping 82% of them told me to DO GOOD THINGS. Love others. Forgive. Be merciful. Help those in need. Love my enemies. Pray and fast in private.

It's time for Christians to decide THOSE are the things we want to be known for.

I promise you this: very few people will be surprised about your beliefs on today's "hot button" issues. (So what if you're "for this" and "against that." Who isn't??)

Yet can you imagine how shocked those in your world would be when they saw you repeatedly loving your enemies? Being the first to graciously forgive? Choosing NOT to throw stones? Turning the other cheek?

That's the stuff we should be known for. I believe that satan himself uses our good intentions...our desire to take moral distract us from our Ultimate Calling. In fact, I contend that IF we could truly emulate Christ the way we were commanded, the things that so vex us would disappear. Because love wins. Always.



I am best known for my

I am best known for my generousity. Main example is that I put others before myself. Not only do I lend my ear to a friend, I also lend my shoulder. I have also helped others with food and clothing by giving a portion of what I have (even though I also have limited food and clothes, and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a year ago where I must snack every two hours). I also volunter at my church every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday; I go to Central Christian Church in Henderson (13 miles away from my apartment). I also tithe weekly (Sunday) even though I have not had any source of income (except food stamps)since June 21, 2011. God has blessed me this last year, and I know he will ever forsaken me because I trust him with my life through the life of his son: Jesus Christ.


For my love of God's

For my love of God's creations. Even snakes. Snakes are beautiful and symbolic of God to me. Their beauty, ability to swallow prey whole, and climbing ability have amazed me for the longest time. I don't know a day when I hated animals. I am also on the autism spectrum.


All the hoopalala in the

All the hoopalala in the media over Chic-Fil-A tells me we're not living in a Christ-friendly time. I hope people I come in contact with remember me as a "follower of Christ and doer of Gods Word" and not somebody that was shallow and lacking in substance.
Lord help me to flesh out your words!!!

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