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What's the Easy EFT? How Does It Help?

Here is why I give to SOS Radio! | SOS Radio

EFT is just an electronic check instead of a paper check. EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. It's actually safer than mailing in a paper check! Plus you don't need stamps. Just call us with the account & routing numbers at the bottom of your check and we can get you set up quick.

We're encouraged by every gift that comes in to SOS Radio! We appreciate your genorosity so much!  If you'd like to cut out the fees that credit/debit cards take out of your gift, you can transfer your credit card giving over to the Easy EFT.

easy eft

When you make a gift with a credit card or debit card, Visa and Master Card take 3% out of you gift as their fee. With an EFT, the fee is only 19 cents per transaction. So more of your gift is going to do real ministry. Believe it or not, last month, 20% of the reoccurring credit card gifts to SOS didn't process. Cards expire, people change cards or addresses etc.

If you'd like to change your regular gifts from a credit card/debit card to an EFT, you can download & print out the form here. All we need is an account and routing number.

Security & financial integrity are very important to us at SOS Radio. We have a state of the art accounting system & website to keep your gifts safe and secure. Ask for Mike, Marney or Paul at 1-800-804-5452 and they will be happy to set you up over the phone.

You can click HERE and make your next gift online with the Easy EFT.


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