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Why Worry About Anything?

Why Worry About Anything? |  | SOS Radio

"If you're trusting Jesus for salvation (to bring you from death to life), why not trust Him for everything else today?" - Louie Giglio


  Reading this quote got me thinking... If I trust Jesus with the most important decision in my life, worrying seems ridiculous. Now each time I start to worry, I just need to remember that I trust Jesus with my salvation and whatever I’m worrying about is nothing compared to that.



Hello JD my name is Natalie

Hello JD

my name is Natalie Pena, I was listening to you talk about being a foster parent.

When I was a child I would bug my parents about adoption or becoming a foster parent.

I have always been interested in becoming a foster parent. Now that I am older and able to the desire has not gone away. Last week I was talking to my husband again about it, then yesterday I heard you speaking about fostering.

I have and will continue to pray if its gods will for our lives.Could you please guide me who I would need to speak to?

Thank you so much and god bless!


Natalie, Send me an email


Send me an email [email protected] What city do you live in?


First of all, God is awesome

First of all, God is awesome the way he works. My wife and I have been thinking and praying about being foster parents. When I heard you on the radio this afternoon talking about good and bad foster parents, I teared up at work. We have freinds in utah that are foster parents and the kids they have there warmed our hearts. My wife and I have been going to canyon ridge for over two years, it is where we met and got married. we worked with kids ministries for 1 1/2 years. I know we would be great christian foster parents. We are in the process of trying to get all the information we need to get the ball rolling. When I heard you on the radio, you talked with such passion about it. Myself, I am adopted. I know the impact good foster parents can make. I grew up in a christian home here in Las Vegas. We would like to make a difference. Please help us get started.
God first and always,
Brenton and Tonya Grindle


Dear JD, My wife and I

Dear JD,
My wife and I want to become foster parents. I heard you on the radio this afternoon and as you spoke with such passion for fostering, I teared up. We have been discussing fostering since this past new years when we took a trip to Utah. Our friends there are fostering a 2 month old baby boy and a 5 year old girl who were products of drugged out moms. They warmed our hearts. We didnt quite know how to get started until I heard you on the radio. I myself am adopted and know the impact of having christian adoptive parents here in Las Vegas. I am 44 and my wife is 37. We attend canyon ridge. We feel God is putting us in this direction, since He keeps laying a path before us. Please help us get the ball rolling.
God first and always,
Brenton and Tonys Grindle

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