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"As a believer, you have the mind of Christ. But that doesn’t mean every thought comes from God. You do realize, don’t you, that along with the Shepherd, the butcher too talks to the sheep. The Shepherd’s voice is easy, reassuring, lifting up of the spirit. The butcher speaks harshly, condemning, death serving as the undertone of everything said. Conniving as he is, the enemy makes his voice sound like your own. He wants you to believe as such. Why? Because thoughts and beliefs become feelings, and feelings cause you to act. Pretty soon, your daily living reflects more of his character than your own. But you don’t realize it. The enemy’s lies are that smooth. One of the aspects of abiding in Christ is simply to judge your thoughts. Those that drive, agitate, and cause worry, you stand firm against and discard. Those that encourage, lift-up, and bring you to rest, you embrace and receive. Only the Shepherd’s thoughts belong in your life."


– David Stephens from Belief Changers.



Wow. What a great God lead

Wow. What a great God lead reminder. Thank you for posting this and allowing God to use you.

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