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Plumb Interview - There is always hope for your marriage! |  | SOS Radio








"This is redemption. Evil has been defeated, and this is what it looks like." - Plumb


I don't know that I've ever heard a Christian artist be so real, so vulnerable, as Plumb is in this discussion. I think we all cried at some point. She gets brutally honest about her marriage and how it fell apart. But there's always hope! God restored their marriage by transforming the hearts of both husband and wife. This is a powerful interview.


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Paul Teutul Jr from American Chopper talks about how God transformed his faith. He also talks about how 24/7 TV cameras can bring unique family challenges!

Michael W Smith








Michael W. Smith talks Valentines Day, mentors and he has a new hymns album that's only available at Cracker Barrel. Smitty is coming to Canyon Ridge Christian Church for a night of worship to benefit PR Ministries on Wednesday, March 2nd! Click here for tickets or info!


How Jesus Heals Addictions |  | SOS Radio







Robert Farmer from Teen Challenge shares how Jesus is the solution for every addiction, habit and hangup!


Job Openings in the SOS Community  |  | SOS Radio

Clark County Collections is hiring for data entry, administrative positions, collections positions.
Email [email protected] or call Melissa at 702.940.5120

Anthony at Window Bright is looking for 2 window cleaners and a part time office person.
Call 702.497.6342 or email [email protected]

The City of Las Vegas has a lot of job openings right now for both full time and part time positions:

Cheesecake Factory is looking for a casher

Clark county Schools are hiring bus drivers. They train!

Mandisa Encourages Us To Work Past Shame From Our Past | Mandisa | SOS Radio








Mandisa encourages to work through shame from our past. To own our shortfalls and rest in God's radical grace. Mandisa was on American Idol. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!

audio a







Adam from Audio Adrenaline talks about how the orphan crisis in Haiti is quite different than poverty in America. He talks about how his wife challenged him to pursue music with major ministry behind the music. Adam is the new vocalist in Audio Adrenaline!

His Dream… My reality…  |  | SOS Radio









His Dream… My reality…


Alveda King (Niece of MLK)







Alveda King is niece of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. She talks about how her family's dream resounds today. She talks about her feelings when her uncle's life was taken and who he really was as a man. This is powerful!

Be quick to criticize… wait a minute! | Be quick to criticize… wait a minute! | SOS Radio

James 1:9 is pretty clear… Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Sound advice that can help us stay in our lane in day to day life. If I were to look at this verse through today’s social media posts… it may translate like this.

“Be quick to criticize, quick to anger and quicker to defend your actions.”

I am guilty of the above translation. Even being aware of what the Word says, I choose to respond with the above. I decided to make a change about a year ago. I would purposely change the way I act with others on social media.

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