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How to Burn Away One-Pound of Candy | Burn Candy Calories | SOS Radio







By the end of tonight, you may find yourself with one or more of the following items:

How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy |  | SOS Radio








Want to help those recovering from Hurricane Sandy? Check out the organizations below.

We mentioned today when Switchfoot was in studio that awhile back they were doing an after show in the parking lot of a concert venue. And the COPS showed up and forecfully removed him!


See the video here.


Amy discussed a great site called Retail Me Not. On this site, you can get coupon codes for LOADS of different places! Check it out!


Today, a baby Giraffe was born at a zoo in Florida. Here are some pics. 


Vote Early!

Vote Early! |  | SOS Radio

Busy on Nov. 6th? You can vote early! The links below will guide you to your states voting information website. If you don't see your state... just google your state " Oregon + Voting." Most of the time your local government website will be at the top of the search results.


This is a map that lists the early voting dates for all the states.






Dave From Sidewalk Prophets Interview

Dave from Sidewalk Prophets shares a ton of wisdom on living as a single guy. He shares about the Church moving overseas and even talks about his rejected band names. -  [email protected]




Ideas For Local Places To Take Family Christmas Pics! | family christmas pictures | SOS Radio

This morning on our show, we talked about where locally to take GREAT Christmas pics. There are some funny calls in here!

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