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Here's a movie review for the new Chris Pine/Elizabeth Banks/Olivia Wilde movie: People Like Us.


Colorado is on Fire

Colorado is on Fire | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio







If you have not heard, it feels like a good half of Colorado is on fire. The picture below was taken in daylight, in Colorado Springs. The company I worked for prior to joining SOS Radio is headquartered there, and they have been told to evacuate.

Waldo Canyon Fire


In fact, tens of thousands of people (to put it lightly) have also been evacuated. Tonight, they'll search for a place to rest their heads. They'll wonder if they will ever see their home again. Their family. Their friends. (My wife's uncle and cousin are among the many who have been told to leave their homes behind.)

With foreclosures & short sales and all the prequalified credit card offers, it seems like the American view of credit has been changing a lot recently. The team at Smart Money broke it down in a unique way— car loans, credit cards, and mortgages to explain the difference in cost of low credit scores verses high credit scores. Check this out.


Here's a review of Rock of Ages (Tom Cruise/Alec Baldwin)

Here's a review for Pixar's new film: Brave

Beautiful You Lyric Video from Trent Monk on Vimeo.


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Gary & Amy - Avacado Chocolate Mousse? What? |  | SOS Radio

Amy's looking for ways to work more veggies into my diet. So she came up with this little recipe for "Avacado Chocolate Mousse..."


Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free! | Click for FREE food | SOS Radio


With the summer weather we’re always driving around at night so we seem to spend more money at restaurants lot more, so it’s always nice to know which restaurants give free food to kids!


If you click you can search for restaurants by state.

Here's a few I found:

Chevys kids eat free on Tuesdays

Coco’s Kids eat free on Tuesdays & Wednesdays after 4pm

Doing stuff with Dad

Doing stuff with Dad | Mike Couchman on SOS Radio | SOS Radio







I'm not really into "Hallmark Holidays" like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or National Karaoke Week. OR, Father's Day. My family has been told repeated not to get me anything this year. Unless it's a hammock. But we don't have a yard big enough for one, so to my wife Jennifer: I am not dropping a hint. Not this time, anyhow.


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