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The Hobbit trailer!

The Hobbit trailer! | Ceci's Blog page | SOS Radio

My girls and I are so excited to see this movie! Are you?







Secret Santa Gift Ideas | Ceci's World Famous Blog | SOS Radio

I always stress out when someone asks me to do a Secret Santa thing at work or at church! 


I love my friends, I just think waaaaay to hard about what they would want for under ten bucks, but want to keep them guessing!

If you need ideas, check out a few here!









A Total Cheese Ball...


I read yesterday that links to great recipes are some of peoples favorite Facebook posts.
One of my favorite blogs and one of my favorite cheeseball recipes is HERE!
I'd love to know about some of your favorite Christmas recipes too!


Recently on my show we were talking about this book - 168 Hours. I was shocked by these statistics from page 18...

"Full time working Moms spend only 11 minutes per day playing or doing hobbies with their kids (25 minutes if the kids are 6 or younger.) But Moms who work part-time ONLY bump that up to 21 minutes a day. Mom's who opt out of the workforce entirely barely top half an hour a day! BUT... Americans in general spend between 18-23 hours per week watching TV."

Here's one of the BEST pumpkin recipes I have found yet! Leave it to Paula Deen to invent it :) 

Pics of My Baby Boy

Many of you have been asking to see pics of my new baby boy Zane Harlan LaBarge! He's 3 months old now. Here's some pics!

You can click here to donate to his college fund. Ok just kidding! (Kind of!)

You can find my blog page here of you want to see my recipes, pics and mom tips. I update this everyday in addition to my

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