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Ms. Perdok's Aviation Project at Pinecrest Academy - Cadence |  | SOS Radio







Here's today's project: Ms. Perdok leads the aviation program at Pinecrest Academy's Cadence Campus in Henderson! If you're interested in helping with any aviation supplies, donations or resources, you can email [email protected]. She's always looking for great speakers from the aviation industry to share in her class too!




Ms. Perdok has needs for a special project to teach her students about aviation communications this fall. You can donate toward the project by clicking here!

Ms Goslee's Hygiene Project For Students in Adelanto, CA |  | SOS Radio







Ms. Goslee is a special ed teacher in Adelanto, California. West Creek Elementary School in close to three different prisons, so there are a lot of students dealing with homlessness and foster care. It's a very transient area. 

Taking Every Thought Captive. It's Actually Possible! |  | SOS Radio







I had an email from Kelli. She asked, "How do we live a life at work and renew our mind each day like the Bible talks about?"


We Ask God to do it!

In Romans 12, St Paul warns us, "Don’t conform to this age. Instead, be transformed by renewing your minds."  I've found the best way to stay grounded in this is to go out of our way to make God's word (The Bible) my moral and spiritual foundation. I try to line up all my logic to make sure it falls under the authority of the Bible. 

War For The Planet Of The Apes - Movie Review |  | SOS Radio

Here's a review for War of the Planet of the Apes. We also talk briefly about Spiderman: Homecoming & Wonderwoman.



Chef Phillip Dell shares how to grill the perfect steak! Chef Phillip has competed on Cut Throat Kitchen and he's a champion on Chopped - from the Food Network. He also competes on the professional BBQ circuit.

Dr Jeff Meyers - Talking To Your Kids About Worldview |  | SOS Radio







Dr Jeff Meyers from Summit Ministries talks with Scott Herrold about worldview. Research shows us that most Americans fall into one of five worldviews. He shares the difference between karma and Jesus teaching on reaping what you sow. Jeff Meyer's new book: The Secret Battle of Ideas about God releases this summer.


Pastor Kevin Odor - Enhancing Your Influence |  | SOS Radio







Pastor Kevin Odor from Canyon Ridge talks about enhancing our influence. He shares ideas for leading when you're not in charge and what makes great leaders last for the long haul. (Hint: It's not talent) Click here to listen to Pastor Kevin's wisdom. is one of the host sites in Las Vegas for the Global Leadership Summit in August!

Nazareth - Using Comedy To Communicate With Kids! |  | SOS Radio







Comedian Nazareth talks about how we can use comedy to talk with our kids! He shares ideas on what gets kids to open up. He also talks about introducing more laughter into our homes.

His book is called: You're So Funny Daddy: Learning How To Communicate With Your Children Using Humor.

Steven Curtis Chapman's Nashville Preds Song! |  | SOS Radio

Who's Steven Curtis Chapman rooting for in the Stanley Cup Finals? He wrote a song about it. - Scott Herrold






Stephen posted this: "Nashville Preds fever has hit the Chapman house! so I borrowed a tune from my song "Dancing With The Dinosaur" to bring you this little "pump up ukulele jam"! (that's a new musical genre that's really catching on!)
It's called "Cheering For The Predators!"...sing along!"

Special thanks to my back up singer/cowbell-pan player, MBC!



Listen to the song here!

Dont Get Tired Of Doing The Right Thing







The Apostle Paul started the church of Galatia, but left to plant other churches in Asia Minor. After hearing that the Galatian Church had fallen into some hard times, he wanted to correct some doctrinal errors that had crept in and challenge the church to refocus on unity in Jesus. He said: 

"And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up." (The Living Bible)

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