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Hillary Scott Of Lady Antebellum on Healing Through Tragedy |  | SOS Radio







Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum talks about healing through tragedy. She talks about the influence of Christian music and being still while trusting that God is working in spite of our pain.

Pastor Shane Philip On Leading When You're Not In Charge |  | SOS Radio

Pastor Shane Philip of The Crossing talks about how to lead when you work with difficult people. He also talks about leading when you're not in charge! His church is one of the host locations for the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit on August 11th & 12th in ! Click here for more info on the summit!

When Your Spouse Watches Your TV Shows Without You! |  | SOS Radio







You start watching a new show on Netflix or Hulu with your spouse and the next thing you know you've watched like 4 in a row! It’s late and you have to get up early in the morning. You go to work and you planned to watch the next episodes that evening. Then you come home and realized your spouse already watched them! Never again!


Humility: Recognizing How God's Wired You Up? |  | SOS Radio







When we talk about humility, we think about what David Wrote in Psalm 139:23. He wrote:

Search me, God, and know my heart;
    test me and know my anxious thoughts.
 See if there is any offensive way in me,
    and lead me in the way everlasting.

But when you go back to the very beginning of Psalm 139 – David actually started by talking about how God has already searched his heart. The psalm is really about God’s omnipresence. (Talking about how God’s presence is everywhere)

He wrote:

New Health Perspective: Get In A Sport Each Day!  |  | SOS Radio







Millennials workout more than previous generations, but they are still more overweight than previous generations. HEre's the full story! It probably has to do with what they eat. Remember it takes burning 3500 calories to burn a pound! When you eat lots of fatty foods with a lot of calories it takes a LOT more workout time to zero it out!


Drink more water. Snack on fruit & veggies. Add veggies to your lunches and dinners. Skip the appetizers & desserts!

15 Ways To Engage Your Child In A Deeper Discussion! |  | SOS Radio


We want to have meaningful conversations with our kids, but when we ask lame questions, we just get one word answers! Ask open ended questions to stimulate a conversation. Have follow up questions ready. 

Tell me about the best part of your day.

What's been the hardest part of this week for you?

Did your brother say anything that made you laugh today? What’s the funniest thing about your mom?

Which friends do you miss most from school? 

What's the biggest difference between this summer and last summer? 

Tell me about what you read this week?

What's the hardest video game we have? (Let's play it together and maybe I can help!)

Things That Mean A LOT To Kids That Parents Forget |  | SOS Radio








As we're spending more time with the kids at home this summer, here's 30 things that mean a LOT to kids that we often take for granted. Parent' has a list of things to remember this summer! Click here to read through it


Switchfoot Performs LIVE & Talks With Scott Herrold |  | SOS Radio









Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman & Drew Shirley from Switchfoot talked with Scott Herrold at SOS Radio! They shared a fresh song from their new album: Where The Light Shines Through. They talked about keeping hope when culture & circumstances just feel broken. They also had some fun playing the "Blank Space" game with Scott.

Top Performing Sunscreens? |  | SOS Radio

Consumer Reports tested the claims of 65 popular sunscreens. 43% didn't live up to the claims on the bottles & sprays!

Here's the full article!


Some of the top performing sunscreens that emerged from Consumer Report's investigation include:

1. La Roche-Posay Anthellos 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk lotion

2. Pure Sun Defense SPF 50 lotion

3. Banana Boat SunComfort Continuous Spray SPF 50+

4. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate SPF 30

5. No-Ad Sport SPF 50 lotion

6. Equate Sport Continuous Spray SPF 50




Write out some of these ideas on ling slices of paper and stick them in a jar. Anytime your child says: I'M BORED this summer, make them draw an activity from the jar! 


Here's a few ideas:


Draw a robot and label all it's parts. 

Draw a map of our house

Make cards for 5 friends to encourage them. Drop the cards in the mail today!

Pick a flower and draw a picture of it (or recrate it as a 3-dimentional craft!)

Make homemade pizza for lunch. You start organizing hte supplies or make the grocery list.

Clean your sibling's room!

Go to the library

Research the history of the early Christian church

Draw a picture of our pet

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