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  • Son Depressed   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Michelle may our LORD and Saviour lay his healing hand on your son to strengthen him and protect him. God bless.

  • Carman Diagnosed With Cancer   4 years 40 weeks ago

    my Dad had myeloma. he was given 6 mos to live but God gave him 8 years. He was a faithful soldier of the cross to the end of his days. His ministry intensified and he witnessed to everyone everywhere boldly for Christ. Remember that God is in control and each day is a gift. Keep up the good fight of faith, Brother. Thanks for your ministry to the body of Christ. God bless you.

  • Looking for blue skies   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Im doing better this work.. Next week Im going to appl for houseing to get out of the shelter.. Thanks for all your prays Peter

  • My niece needs prayer   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Praying for deliverance for Chantelle, for salvation, and for her safety.

  • Prayer Request for Healing   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Please pray for Colin. He is a very young adult who needs Jesus, needs protection, and needs total healing for his body. Please ask the Lord to heal him, to save him, and to deliver him. Please ask God to bring people into Colin's life who know Jesus, who will encourage him, and who will help him know how much Jesus loves him. I fear Colin's life may be in danger due to illness, and so I ask that this request be handled with urgency. Please know your time and prayers are very sincerely appreciated. Thank you. God bless.

  • Big Daddy Weave And Chris August - Vegas   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Question - if I purchase tickets on line, how do I get them

  • Divorce   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Oh how i wish we could talk. My husband and I are separated as well, going now on 10 months. He too wants a divorce, I am fighting for my maariage; taking God on His Word and doing what is very difficult when my husband shows all signs of despise toward me:LOVE in all circumstances, even when he hurts me! 1 Corinthians 13 " never fails". I am also praying that I may never stop loving my husband or that I may never get angry with him for anger leads to hate, God sees hate as murder :/. here is my email if this should post [email protected] God bless -felisa

  • Big Daddy Weave And Chris August - Vegas   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Can we purchase tickets at the door ?

  • have my own family   4 years 41 weeks ago

    I am very sorry for your broken relationship. God has His own time table (it took me a long time to learn this) and will place the right person in your life at the right time. Keep busy and just pray for God's timing. : )

  • S.O.S   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Thank you for your prayers

  • Big Daddy Weave And Chris August - Vegas   4 years 42 weeks ago

    What is the cost for children. I have a 6 & 8 year old that want to go. Are they the same price?

  • Confirming his will   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Praying for the Lord's will to be done,that he will bring peace to your heart regarding the right decision.

  • Job Openings!   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Hello, I just wanted to send along some encouragement to stay in faith, that the Lord promises to never leave us nor forsake us.
    I also have been out of work for some time and I'm leaning heavily on my faith to see me thru and resting in the knowledge that His provision is unfailing.

    Praying for this family that in God's perfect time; He will provide.

    In the Love of JESUS, Darren

  • My sister   4 years 42 weeks ago

    After a year and a half of trying for another child, I found out my wife was pregnant 2 minutes before the doctor told us she was having a miscarriage. It hurts and can make you angry or even doubt. A good friend told us something that stuck with me. "In all things, God is good". I don't know why he allowed the pregnancy but did not allow the birth, but I do know that in all things, God is good and sometimes that just has to be enough to get you through.

  • Big Daddy Weave And Chris August - Vegas   4 years 43 weeks ago

    The Las Vegas tickets are not on sale online. You can pick them up at the SOS Radio studios between 9am & 5pm Monday-Friday at the SOS Radio studios. Cash or check (made out to Trinity Life Center). They don't have the ability do to credit card payments for tix at this time. Or you can buy them at the door the night of the concert.

  • Death   4 years 43 weeks ago

    God is a healer you have to have faith that God will heal what ever sickness you may have ..Dont let the devil make you belive you have nothing to live for .Jesus christ comes to give life and life more abundantly believe God for your healing .

  • Family and finance   4 years 43 weeks ago

    hi Gina my name is angela i know that you may be hurting right now and i also pray that God restores your marrige The devil dosent like family and he doesnt like to see people together or loving each other so what you have to do is tell the enemy what you want back every thing he stole you can take back your marrige and what every else may be going on in your life God will never put more on you then you can bare just know that God is love he is your everything when others forsake you just put your trust in him and know that he is all ways by your side hes right there God causes things to happen in our life sometimes not to hurt us he wants you to trust him i will continue to keep you in my prayers ... i dont know you but i love you as a sister in Christ everything will be alright keep the faith ....

  • Big Daddy Weave And Chris August - Vegas   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I can't figure out how to buy tickets over the internet.Can someone help me?

  • Financial breakthrough in Jesus name!!!   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Precious Marek Family:
    God IS able, even when we're in a storm like this. Am asking Him to open the windows of Heaven and pour down an awesome work blessing for your husband - so abundant your hearts will not be able to contain it! After 3 years, my husband was hired, so my heart truly knows your cry to The Lord. We agree in Jesus' Name for immediate employment for your husband. God bless, keep, and provide your every need.

  • Employment and mom's health   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Praying for The Lord to open the windows of Heaven and pour down an amazing work blessing for you; and praying that healing by Jesus' Stripes will be manifested in your mom immediately. God bless and keep you all.

  • Lone Mom   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Loosing hope
    I know where you are comming from, I get to feeling the same way. I feel as though I wont be able to make it. I will pray for you, and hope that we both can find the joy of the lord and weather this storm. Hold onto the hope that the lord will deliver us from these feelings, he knows the plans he has for us and it is not to harm us but to give us a future and a hope!
    love and prayers

  • Rebuilding my life.   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I hope things get better. Your path through life will be more clear as time passes, just be patient and stay strong and true to yourself and everything will work out. If life was never hard then you'd never know how strong you truly are. I believe you will have an amazing life and I wish you the best of luck. -TW

  • Single mother suffering from extreme disorganization, hoarding and overspending money we don't have   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I will pray,pray,& pray more for you. You can acomplish whatever goal you set with Gods love. Restore your confidence through the Lord so that you can give your son the same confidence. You both deserve every blessing obtainable.
    Love yourself.
    Be kind to yourself.
    Being a single parent is the most beautiful blessing in disguise you'll ever experience. Once you remove the excess the empowerment will make you feel unstoppable & so blessed. Love & prayers to you.
    (A mom of 5).

  • Overcoming A Lack Of Faith   4 years 44 weeks ago

    I will be simple: the lack of faith is my lack or certainty of a call from God to do something more than what is written in His word. (or at least what I understand to be written in His word) I think of all the great men of the bible and it seems one thing is for sure, they KNEW God was asking them to do something. From Noah to King David, these men (somehow) understood in there heart that God, not men nor just good intentions, was calling. My lack of "faith" is not knowing for sure it is God speaking and not just my own interpretation of what I perceive to be God. Let me give an example: If God was "calling me to be a preacher" than do I just say in the book of Romans is says "how will they hear unless someone preaches to them". Is this enough to say your are "called". For me, which I would conclude as a lack of faith, this should be enough but doubt prevails if I ask myself the question: "Are you 100% sure God is asking me to do this?".

    Somehow I feel these men I read about, had no doubts about God's voice "calling" them to do this or that. Even in the new testament, Saul was struck down. It was a "without a doubt" moment.

    My resolve: I feel like I am displeasing God. I am not sure if it is fair to ask God to make sure I have a "without a doubt moment". What if God doesn't want to do this? Is He not the potter and I am the clay? Does God not have the "right" to do whatever He pleases?

    What if it is just my own heart deceiving me so the blindness of my soul can not see correctly. Or, is God saying 'you are not the one', many are called but few are chosen. Is is sin that is blocking me from hearing God. Is is just a spiritual battle and like Danial, Satan is hindering? Or, is it simply a lack of faith. Should I just jump into ministry without really knowing God is calling, except my interpretation of the book of Romans. I could go on and on with questions such as this.

    I can't help thinking and asking God: "Lord forgive my unbelief, my shortcomings, my inability to know for sure. Lord, my life is slipping away and I only want to please you. Lord, I am not asking to be famous or great, only in Your eyes. I only want to please You, yet I constantly struggle with the feeling that somehow the problem is within me. This "feeling" makes me think I am not trusting. It makes me feel I lack faith and I don't know how to get faith. Yes I read His word. Yes I pray. Yes, I am active in His work. Yes, I at least think I love him with the best love I know how to give God.

    God please forgive my confusion and lack of understanding. God, my only faith is like the man who responded to Jesus...."Lord, I believe, help me with my unbelief"

    Struggling Soul desiring to please God.

    "Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.."

  • Break up with boyfriend over his fantasies from his porn addiction   4 years 44 weeks ago

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