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  • Thoughts on Christmas Music?   4 years 49 weeks ago

    I love Christmas music. I confess that by the end of the Christmas season I'm ready to have a break for a few months. But during the actual holiday season, I'm all in!

  • Moving Past The Political Dissension   4 years 49 weeks ago

    The Lord Prevails Nonetheless!
    I watch a lot of people during the Political season and (some) folk get all hyped up about candidate and put their trust in his or her words most of the time the Politician is just giving the people "the business" and making a lot of promises that they know they are not going to keep in a lot of cases. It never ceases to amaze me how people (we) are so gullible and believe the negative ads and tones of the Politicians...especially of the one who claimed it his first run that he was going to bring people together. He has been the most untruthful, deceiving and conniving that I have seen in my time and I have seen many of them.

    If we were to put our trust in the Lord as we do the corrupt Politician (and we do trust them) I wonder how successful we would be. We must pray for them. It is so sad that we who are of color are ostracized if we do not vote because of skin color too. This past Political season has left a very bad view in my mind. I really must prayed for the Lord to soften my heart about him, I really do not trust where he is leading this country. Psalm 106:15

  • Moving Past The Political Dissension   4 years 49 weeks ago

    Wonderful advice, especially the keep praying part. I read a quote on Facebook this morning where a former Planned Parenthood director said she wasn't voted out of Planned Parenthood, she was PRAYED out.

    I'm not happy but God is good and will provide.

    God Bless!

  • Prayer for speedy recovery   4 years 49 weeks ago

    Hello I am a single mother of two little ones too. I have a 4 year old son and a 3 month old baby girl. I was left upside down after 2 hours of her being born and have been struggling every since. God is the only thing keeping me. I hope you have a well surgery and I'm praying for you. This is the hardest scariest thing in the world. If you need anything let me know maybe we can help each other.Thank you and GOD BLESS you and your children.

  • Bless Us   4 years 49 weeks ago

    Welcome to the family Melissa!

    I have been in God's family since 1984 and it still is hard to believe all I have in Christ. The lovely family at SOS Radio keep us encouraged and feed in Christ.

    Finding a wonderful church will help you accomplish all your desiring to do for your King Jesus

    All of Heaven & your new family here at SOS are praying!

  • Falling Apart   4 years 49 weeks ago

    Hello dear sister-in-Christ -

    I too have two wonderful amazing, but now grown boys whom I love and adore.

    A woman's hormones are crazy thing at times. But don't forget that NOT one of those tears have been missed in bottle that our Lord Jesus keeps for us.

    When I have those crys its like a cleansing. Maybe the Lord is allowing this so once the cleansing is over He will implant in your heart and mind some lovely and special revelation just for you!

    Remember, you are loved by God and your SOS family- Carry my dear sister

  • LORD please hear my prayers!!!   4 years 49 weeks ago

    Dearest fellow Sister-in-Christ,

    the Lord Jesus has indeed heard your prayers and like the friends who dropped their friend before Jesus in the hole in the roof allow us to pray with you and for you and your family during this trying trail.

    Know that you are loved not only by your Christian SOS family but the Savior of your soul.

    Our God owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills and will provide. How I do not know but He does.

    Love you sister

  • How to Burn Away One-Pound of Candy   4 years 49 weeks ago


  • Vote in November   4 years 50 weeks ago has a link to a voter's guide & you can click on your state for the information

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   4 years 50 weeks ago

    Full gospel Las Vegas church
    1580 Bledsoe lane
    Las Vegas, NLV 891110
    Cross streets are Owens and Nellis

  • How to Burn Away One-Pound of Candy   4 years 50 weeks ago

    I ran 4 miles this morning just so I can consume about 600 calories worth of candy tonight....totally worth it! ;)

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   4 years 50 weeks ago

    address please?

  • Baby Giraffe Pics Here! CUTE.   4 years 50 weeks ago

    How absolutely adorable. Giraffes are my favorite animal. So So cute!!

  • Far from Christ   4 years 50 weeks ago

    I pray for you. Remember what God says, " do not be be afraid". The power of Jesus our Lord it s bigger than anything! Call Him! And if necesary get on knees.
    " That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord", and believe in your hart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9

  • Gambling killing our Marriage   4 years 50 weeks ago

    Hi, I understand you. I ve been a gambler for many years but bless be our Lord who found me and save me!
    If you dont trust your husband, wich I also understand , Trust in God who will never forsake you your husband and your baby.
    Gambling is a desease and it comes from a compulsion of the brain. The one who gambles has no control over it. The mind is believing a lie , an imaginary world that says " if I hit it big I fix everything I have done". It s dark place that needs light.
    The gambler mind starts filling up with regrets , sadness and anger. The lies are said just to survive the emotions that we hold inside and the shame we feel for our incontrolable behavior. Believe me I feel for your husband s pain. But remember God has many ways to work in our lives for the very porpuse so we can praise Him. Ask and you will recieve. I pray God to bless you and your husband with thruth healing and love.
    If it helps there s meetings all over the country, GA meetings for fellowship and understanding of the desease. It s also the family members if they need it. It s a good start but God has the solution and the healing ! Peace to you, the kind that only God can give.
    With love, Veronica.

  • Exam Please Pray 10/17/12   4 years 50 weeks ago

    Thank you so much.

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   4 years 50 weeks ago

    Yes, please let us know where this located & if there is an event link! It sounds wonderful!

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   4 years 50 weeks ago

    I've sent an email asking for the info

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   4 years 50 weeks ago

    Where is it located there's no address for the hallelujah party

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   4 years 50 weeks ago

    sounds great! Would help if we could see WHERE its at!

  • Prayer Request for Healing   4 years 50 weeks ago

    You are both in my prayers. God bless and keep you both.

  • Lost my job   4 years 50 weeks ago

    God will provide,just remember Philippians 4:19,He will meet all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus,that is His promise to any believer,to meet your needs,not make you rich.Also,think about each day and see if you have provision for that day,He will take care of you,it seems scary,but He will come through for you!

  • Praise - Staff of SOS Radio   4 years 51 weeks ago

    Please pray that I can go to calif. with my family. My feelings of guilt of living my mother
    Alone. She is 86yrs old. But spry as a young chicken. My husband has to gone home to be
    With Jesus, 9yrs ago. I live in a town where there isn't a lot going on. I have the chance to
    Make a difference in my grandchild end lives. Thank you for your consistent love
    For the hurting.

  • Baby Giraffe Pics Here! CUTE.   4 years 51 weeks ago


  • A Praise and Worship Event   4 years 51 weeks ago

    Great, I will definitely be in attendance. Thanks for posting SOS! We need more of this in Las Vegas.

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