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  • We Don't Have To Compromise Convictions to be Compassionate.   5 years 15 weeks ago

    Very well said, Scott!!

  • This is my first time here   5 years 15 weeks ago

    God is in control. good luck!! Never give up on the lord, no matter what kind of challenges he will put you through. Struggles will only make you stronger :)

  • Healing prayers   5 years 15 weeks ago

    God is in control. Your family is in my prayer to tonight.

  • Healing prayers   5 years 15 weeks ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. Our son would be 30 in a few weeks dying on an enlarged heart almost 2 years ago. I still miss him, I will pray for peace and healing.
    Emily :'-)

  • Diagnosed with breast cancer   5 years 15 weeks ago

    Dear Kim,

    I am a breast cancer survior - one year now. I will pray for you, but our Lord - Jesus Christ will be there for you, lean on him. Remember this is something you are just going through, you are not staying in it ok? I am here if you need someone to talk to about it, since I have been there and done that! I had someone there for me and it made it not so scary! God Bless you!


  • Demonic Spirits?   5 years 16 weeks ago

    I told her to put SOS Radio on in the room where most of the stuff happens and just leave it playing. So far so good. She didn't stay at home last night but nothing major has happened she's noticed. When she came home this morning the house seemed peaceful for the 1st time in weeks.

  • Mercy Me's FUN Side!   5 years 16 weeks ago


  • What are you KNOWN for?   5 years 16 weeks ago

    For my love of God's creations. Even snakes. Snakes are beautiful and symbolic of God to me. Their beauty, ability to swallow prey whole, and climbing ability have amazed me for the longest time. I don't know a day when I hated animals. I am also on the autism spectrum.

  • Amy's MomSaver - How To Get Green Banana's To Ripen Quickly - Listen   5 years 16 weeks ago

    can I request God's not dead?

  • Rebuilding my life.   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Stay Strong <3

  • Depression   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Stay strong and don't give up hope. I'm going down the same road and we can get through it <3

  • Add A Caption & Win Free Music!   5 years 16 weeks ago

    "You do know this isn't my first time using this thing, right?"

  • Brain Aneurysm   5 years 16 weeks ago

    She receives my love!

  • Add A Caption & Win Free Music!   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Can I be a part of God's army now that I have a sword?

  • 16 year old daughter   5 years 16 weeks ago

    What you and your husband have to do is to be committed to god and never doubt his power because no mater what he will always be there heeling your daughter. today i declare that your daughter is heeled and free, and don't forget to let god guide your life.

  • Trouble   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Just remember when you change all your family will change but let the change start with you.

  • Prayers Please   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Things will get better. God prospers His believers and followers. You and your family will be in my prayers. May God bless you and keep you strong thru this journey in your life.

  • Prayers Please   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Try DWK Tax Group ( We had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago and within two business days they files all our taxes (we owed and were behind filing) and put us in a no collectible status, while releasing the wage levy. I would recommend them to anyone. We gave $200 down and are making payments on our balance.

  • Restoration for Martin Flores Jr.   5 years 16 weeks ago

    I can't even imagine how hard that must be on your family. I will be praying for you guys.

  • My Son   5 years 16 weeks ago

    I will be praying for you.

  • beaten down, need strength   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Hi I am 16 and volunteer at this place called Spirit Therapies. It teaches special needs kids to ride horses! I know how hard it can be just seeing how those families have to work through things. I will pray for you!

  • 16 year old daughter   5 years 16 weeks ago

    I pray things get better. I'm 16 and have been troubled with being overweight too. I know what its like. I'm not a parent or anything but I truly pray things get better.

  • What are you KNOWN for?   5 years 16 weeks ago

    I am best known for my generousity. Main example is that I put others before myself. Not only do I lend my ear to a friend, I also lend my shoulder. I have also helped others with food and clothing by giving a portion of what I have (even though I also have limited food and clothes, and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a year ago where I must snack every two hours). I also volunter at my church every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday; I go to Central Christian Church in Henderson (13 miles away from my apartment). I also tithe weekly (Sunday) even though I have not had any source of income (except food stamps)since June 21, 2011. God has blessed me this last year, and I know he will ever forsaken me because I trust him with my life through the life of his son: Jesus Christ.

  • Forgiveness   5 years 16 weeks ago

    I will absolutely pray for you and yours. Forgiveness is a very complicated thing to do but true believers come to realize its the best thing to do eventually. It is a very hard thing to do, but it is necessary. I pray that your family comes to obtain forgiveness in their hearts and that your journey thru life is a blessed one.

  • Mother son was murdered   5 years 16 weeks ago

    praying for this community and especially this mother. After losing my eldest and youngest within the past 3 years I do so understand some of this sort of lose. May peace over come this mother in the hours she is alone.

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