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  • pray for Austin Ervin and his family   5 years 27 weeks ago

    I will keep the family in my prayers and let others know as well.

  • Prayer answered   5 years 27 weeks ago

    That is awesome news!

  • Patience   5 years 27 weeks ago

    no I was talking about the ACTS and the SATS. I take them at the end of May and its really hard because I'm not the best test taker at all.

  • my first girlfriend   5 years 28 weeks ago

    good luck. I'll pray for you.

  • confused   5 years 28 weeks ago

    thank you

  • Patience   5 years 28 weeks ago

    thanks i really need it.

  • Ships in the Night - Mat Kearney   5 years 28 weeks ago

    I commented on a you tube video by Matt Kearney and said that I barely know him and that I don't know any other songs by him and somebody replied telling me to look up this song and when I did I really liked it so I listen to it a lot now!!

  • REVIVAL   5 years 28 weeks ago

    I totally agree Jennifer! I am praying for the same thing. Thanks for sharing on here.

  • confused   5 years 28 weeks ago

    It's so freeing when you realize God actually has plans for YOU. In Jeremiah 29, the Bible says, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you."

  • Marriage   5 years 28 weeks ago

    It really sounds like you are moving in the right direction! When you put God at the center, he moves mountains. I just encourage you to work hard on your end and keep praying for your husband and look for ways to go out of your way and support him. I'll be praying that he does the same thing.


  • Patience   5 years 28 weeks ago

    We're praying for you Jessica!


  • Marriage   5 years 28 weeks ago

    I am all over it... Marriage is a wonderful thing that comes with its ups and downs... Keep in mind the reason why you got married in the first place and keep those feelings close to your heart!!! You are in our prayers!

  • Need place to stay   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Hello! I am seeking a roommate!!!! If you are still looking for a safe and clean environment please contact me......I will pray that you will be financially blessed. [email protected]

  • Patience   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Jessica, You will be in my prayers tonight. If you are talking about your proficiency tests, I understand. My son is waiting for the results on his last one. Remember, God has a plan and a purpose for us all. I will pray for your patience and understanding with your fathers girlfriend as well. God bless you!!

  • Patience   5 years 28 weeks ago

    You have been prayed for. God has great plans for you.

  • Marriage   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Jessica! I am praying for you. I too am a wife and know that without God in your life & marriage things can be difficult. Congratulations go out to you for sticking it through & including the Lord in your hearts.

  • Friend needs prayers   5 years 28 weeks ago

    My girlfriend and her family need prayer... My girls friends mother passed away a year ago due to some type of rare cancer and are going through a rough time. She has one sister and two littler brothers. Please pray for this family, the know about Jesus but their faith has dropped since the day their mom passed away. family Guzman. Thank You God Bless SOS

  • My Daughter   5 years 28 weeks ago

    I pray that the out come from your court hearing goes in your well for you. I also hope your daughter sees the light of our Lord come back to her hart and she ask not just your forgiveness for her wrong doing but as well from the Lord himself.

  • Bad Choices   5 years 28 weeks ago

    The fact that you want to find God is your precious blessing from HIS unconditional love. Get back up girl and ask for forgiveness for those you have just recently hurt (God has already forgiven you my dear) now quit being so hard on yourself and please please find joy in today and only today. Live in this moment and take deep breaths once in awhile through the day and be aware of the beauty around you . Smile at someone and make someone else feel better and you will experience peace and God forbid .....even JOY :))) you are Gods child Margaret and he loves you. One day at a time my dear and you will be blessed. HE promises. All my love, Christine

  • Help   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Thank you God bless

  • Xtreme Passion Youth Ministry   5 years 28 weeks ago

    This sounds like an exciting event. We need stuff like this as there is not much for the youth in Las Vegas to do that is Christian based.

  • Help   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Prayin for God's BEST for you and your family!!

  • Breakthrough In My Life and Spiritual Life, and Direction to the right path!   5 years 28 weeks ago

    When I was single and I chose to commit my way to Christ. It was the Lord that brought me to a point in my relationship to not focus in finding a man for me but to pray for my future husband that He has anointed to be mine. Also to look at Jesus husband because we are the Bride of Christ and who better to be our prince charming then Jesus Christ our Savior who loves you and adore you. Also pray that God will prepare your heart to be an awesome wife for him and that you guys would have a Christ centered marriage. I will be praying that God would be bring you Christ centered friends .

  • Family Crisis   5 years 28 weeks ago

    I am praying that your wife would be committed to the Lord in dealing with this and remembering Jesus was persecuted and suffered. May she find her comfort and strength of the Lord. We have been thru a similar situation. Pray for your wife to seek and submit to Christ

  • Children   5 years 29 weeks ago

    I feel for your family in this tuff time. I have a 13 year old son who is doing the same as your child, making chaos in the home. I will pray for you and your family that God will touch this child and heal them and bring your hole family under God pleasing.

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