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  • Favour in eyes of man   5 years 33 weeks ago

    God will give you favor in their eyes because he put you there...for as long as He has you there, it doesn't mean its forever or that you wont have some hard learning experiences about yourself... it means you will change and grow for the better... what He does with me now definitely affects what He teaches me about myself and continues healing me in my tomorrows. sometimes with so much mercy and grace I don't see it until I've already reacted (and not in the most christian way). God loves us and will carry us through... to the next place He sends us... Praying for His Kindness on your situation!!

  • Suicide   5 years 33 weeks ago

    Girl i know how you feel and my heart goes out to you l. I would love to talk to you and help you out. Im 19. Text me 702-305-5476

  • Suicide   5 years 33 weeks ago

    Please know that suicide is not the option you are looking for. I myself attempted suicide 11 years ago. I was emotionally distraught and felt as though everytime I cared for someone I lost them. I was tired of that feeling and decided to kill myself. I ended up in a coma for 24 hours and I do not remember much of what went on the days surrounding the attempt. Later, I came to realize how much I hurt, and scared those who truly cared for me. It actually drove people away because they were afraid to talk to me thining they may drive me to do it again. I later met my wife who has strengthened me spiritually ever since. I had always been a believer, but never really practiced anything until the pasat 6 years. We have a wonderful 8 year old little girl who is very Christ driven and helps keep us grounded. My point is, God has a plan for you, we just need to take the time to pray and listen. There are plenty of people who care for you and God cares for you. There is no forgiveness from Suicide since you cannot ask for it after you have succeeded in the devilish deed. If you need to, you can contact me. I am more than willing to speak to you in regards to this since I take this personnaly and hold the issues close to my heart. May God give you the strength and perseverance to get through these trying times. May He watch over you and touch you to let you know that you are not alone. Amen.

  • Marriage restoration   5 years 33 weeks ago

    The Lord will help and is helping, I am in a similar situation coincidentally with a woman named Liz, though we are not married, we have both had bad relationships in the past that has jaded us towards it. I have had to give her and the relationship to God for there is nothing I can do to fix the issues at hand. I know it is hard to let go of the past, but since I have given it to the Lord situations though massive and hard to deal with have become more manageable. I was recently given a piece of advice from my spiritual director.
    When things are too big and you feel like giving up or taking control of situation that's not in your control. Picture yourself walking up to Christ and taking that person or situation and placing it in His lap. And saying help me for this is too big and beyond my abilities to fix. Only you Brother, Father, Holy Spirit can help us. We are all like children and are upset when our toys get broken but we do not always posses the know how to fix it. And we need to be content after giving it to God and Jesus and trust that He is the only one that can. Its not an easy thing to trust even in the Lord sometimes, because we are human and our knowledge of trust most times are equated unfortunately by our experiences with other human beings. I struggle with it everyday! But He has heard you and He is working in both of you. Ask Him for His Will and the strength to listen and discern His voice from all others and not to fear or worry. Continue your prayers and trust and leave it with Him. He will never let you down for God is trustworthy and all will be fine. I hope this helps, and I will be praying for you, your husband, and child. May God Bless you and your family always. Be well

  • pregnant woman gets beat by husband   5 years 34 weeks ago

    this was me at one point in my life.. i am so glad God pulled me out of this situation, i know he will do the same for her.

  • I am so tired of trying to stay clean and failing...So tired of trying   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I C U!!!!!
    Lord I do lift this child of yours to you Lord and trust that only you can help her heal Lord...and bring her to where you want her at this time in her life...You are the ultimate healer, caregiver, of all Lord...and I thank you and praise you for that Lord! Lord help her to not grow weary in well doing...and to just let go and let you do her to trust that with all her heart that you can and you will in your time and way. Help her to take this knowledge and meditate on it...Thankyou Lord Your most powerful name... Jesus...I Love You Lord...and Amen...and again Thank you!

  • Shareholders in Life Fundraising Banquet featuring Mike Huckabee   5 years 34 weeks ago

    i just want to say thank you SOS radio and the women's resource center!!! thank you Jody,for those tickets, i really was not expecting this!!! may the Lord continue to bless you guys and the person who donated those two tickets for us :) thank you!!!!!

  • Sidewalk Prophets Talk About Fear, Naming Cars & Cheese   5 years 34 weeks ago

    i just want to say thank you SOS radio and the women's resource center!!! thank you Jody,for those tickets, i really was not expecting this!!! may the Lord continue to bless you guys and the person who donated those two tickets for us :) thank you!!!!!

  • What's Up in Silver City?   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Is there an update on the actual date when we will have service again? I don't know when the information about the equipment was posted. thanks - JW

  • Carlie Weeks   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Hi Carlie,
    All we can do is take our walk step by step, and be patient. when you make choices make them asthough GOD was standing there....sometimes it is easy and sometimes...not so much. Each day, you WILL become a stronger Christan. Spend more time in the word if you can.

  • Please pray for healing for Emily   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I know it is always difficult when a child is ill, and it is also difficult not know why or what or how, but HE kows. We may eventually know, we may not, and as difficult as it is we need to contiue praying and giving the glory to HIM. I hope this kind of helps.

  • Please pray for healing for Emily   5 years 34 weeks ago


    If it is your will, please display your mightiness in young Emily and let this be her final surgery. Allow her a full recovery so all can witness your miracles. I pray not only for healing, but patience and strength in Emily and her family and friends.

    In your name I pray!


  • MIRACLE & HEALING FOR PAM COOPER MY WIFE   5 years 34 weeks ago


  • healing   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I'm praying that u see or others see with Jesus's eyes, jot them down to remind others how the Lord was there when someone becomes down and negitive. We pray for healing. I'm also praying that the Lord sees how Michael can impact others and give him a second chance on life, as my fiance did in 1993 when he was hit he'd on by a drunk driver.
    Keep the faith and hope in him.

  • Scott's Most Powerful Moment At Passion 2012   5 years 34 weeks ago

    They spend 2 weeks at Chris Tomlin's house writing back in April, and then they came back in November and finished them up. carton sealing machine
    Robotic palletizing

  • AMY'S MOMSAVER - ONLINE SAFETY   5 years 34 weeks ago

    will you have vudeo from the 2012 rock and road show?

  • 31 Ways to Pray for your Children.   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Nicol Sponberg-Resurrection--she sounds just like Annie Lennox--I was hoping she had turned her life over to God--maybe one day--thank you

  • Where to Find the Cheapest Gas...   5 years 34 weeks ago

    did I hear Annie Lennox singing on Thursday??

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I'm so excited , I'd love to go to the concert , but have no one to go with , looking for new friends or a group of people to go with.

  • Suicide   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Sweet girl, you are so brave for sharing your prayer request. Yes Jesus loves you and I understand the need to feel loved by someone here on earth. I pray that the Lord will give you the strength and peace to carry on and grow in His love. I pray for your mom that she too will come to know the Lord as you do. Please don't give up and always remember that there are people around you who love you and want you in their lives. God Bless you Sweetie.

  • Marriage   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I wrote this post last week and this week, God has completely restored our marriage. Through the Love Dare and God speaking to me through songs and many other avenues, I have grown in my walk with Him!
    God truly can do ALL things!!

  • Suicide   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Suicide is not the answer. I thought about it earlier in life, and I am so glad I didn't do it. God will never send you more than you can handle, even if you don't think you can. He has something in store for you. I pray for you that you find someone who can make you see that life is definetly worth living.

  • My little girl is moving to Utah with her father   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I am praying as I writing this for you and your family. I am praying that everything will go the way the lord wants it to. Please be sure that God has his hands in this situation.

  • I am so tired of trying to stay clean and failing...So tired of trying   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Om Goodness. Your story about the controlling man your were infatuated with, who bought isolation and fear to your life, teaching you not to trust sounds JUST LIKE MY life! I have since left him-Several years ago in fact. But the scars are so deep. So very deep. Thank you for responding and for "seeing me". It was a Heaven sent message and I hope to hear from you again.
    Keep praying for me, okay? I am still trying but its like one step forward and three back at this point. Thanks again-

  • Please pray for healing for Emily   5 years 34 weeks ago

    My prayers go out to Emily and her family!!!

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