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  • My little girl is moving to Utah with her father   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I have sent a prayer to God's ears for you. I could not imagine the pain of being without my child. I hope that he can give you the strength you need to get through.

  • Marriage restoration   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Be strong Liz. I have asked God to help you through your pain and to guide your husband down the right path for you and your child.

  • Power of Prayer   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Awh- Thanks for commenting-- i have assumed there are other people experiencing something similar(not just me) even though, sometimes you feel all alone- thanks so much and it is very strange- have had so many tests and ultra sounds- but who knows- it comes and goes.... i do feel a hard bump (like a ball) under my belly button, which i have always thought was a fibroid but no one seems to be able to find- oh well..... i hope you are feeling better- and my prayers are there for you- what is your name??
    yes, GOD is the ONLY one who can HEAL us!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER ~
    Thanks, and God Bless.

  • pregnant woman gets beat by husband   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Praying for her, and the baby, praying that God will protect them, and for husbands eyes to be opened, that God will being salvation to him and realize that what he is doing is wrong

  • home finance and help   5 years 34 weeks ago

    for all in my hart i work with youth and just be calm and very open with your child be as well like a friend and keep praying my prayers will also be with you in Jesus Name AMEN

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Starts at 4pm

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I agree! there are alot of upbeat Lecrae songs that aren't like hardcore hood stuff. Sos plays Tobymac and he raps. How about trying Lecrae

  • Sister's Fiancee diagnosed with Lukemia   5 years 34 weeks ago

    You guys are in my prayers, that sounds like a difficult situation, and I know it is hard to do, but the only cure that I know of is the mercy and love of our father in heaven. Try to remember that doctors are wrong sometimes, and if you all read the word of God and take those promises as the doctor's report, it can fill you guys with joy, peace, love and confidence. And I believe those things are ingredients for healing. When you put God first the rules change.

  • Prayer for willingness to be directed   5 years 34 weeks ago

    God Help... cause He knows what your thinking and what you need.
    from a single mom.
    Jesus Loves You TOO!!!
    Keep turning to HIM!!!
    We Live we love we forgive and never give up!! Scott just played that!!!
    I don't know your whole sit rep... But i heard on focus on the family one night that we have to be willing to forgive the other person, set guidelines for reconciliation and let God handle it...
    Mine would be he pays his child support (has to be working)for 2 years while dating me only and showing He has really changed...
    Maybe you could talk to he and see what she needs!
    Praying for YOU BOTH!!

  • I am so tired of trying to stay clean and failing...So tired of trying   5 years 34 weeks ago

    God Knows exactly why you don't trust people... for me it was a controlling man who destroyed my ability to trust even my closest mom friend who led me to the lord 11 years before i even met him thru his lies and isolation but i was so infactuated with him that i couldn't see it. it has been a long road back and i am still learning but God has brought many people back into my life for rebuilding my trust. Sometimes people still are so caught up in what they are doing (like i can be sometimes) that they walk right past me when i'm waiting for the next cashier right around me like i'm not there or the not holding the door thing and it can be frustrating... Cause God says all of us fall short... not just christians, poor, young, old, sick, well... ALL
    Jesus Loves You and He will Heal You!!! He Knows... The When, Where, and Who You Need!!!
    I SEE YOU!!!

  • My marriage :)   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Please consider the series study by Chuck Swindoll on "Strike the Original Match"
    Go to Insight for Living for the message. Very good. My prayers of going out to the both of you.

  • Stuck in the hole I dug myself   5 years 34 weeks ago

    You sound like you could be "my son" except he didn't graduate and he has a stratocaster, It's not easy for kids these days but this is a huge step for you because you are trying to identify where you are and why... try telling yourself
    "Jesus Loves Me Right Where I Am"
    when you go to bed... let that be your last thought of the day it will make it you first thought of the morning, cause He knows everything that has brought you to where you are... ya know Max Lucado has great positive daily devotionals and you can sign up your email. Every day is a new chance...
    Hey your funny... great sense of humor... my quiet time is in the car with the radio blasting SOS... lol
    Have A Great Day Today!!!

  • 16 year old son needs prayers   5 years 35 weeks ago

    I have a 16 year son as well and I know the pain and frustration you must be going through. I struggle raising him and his siblings alone. I will pray for you and God's guidance and protection for your son.

  • my friend lorri   5 years 35 weeks ago

    I am praying for Lorri....... Lord please place your healing hands on Lorri. I too suffer from cancer and pray for Lorri to pull through and that no more pain be felt and that calm and peace fill her family.

    In Jesus name I pray.



  • Prayer for willingness to be directed   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Prayers going out to you brother.

  • Victoria’s Secret Model Quits Because of Faith   5 years 35 weeks ago


  • 16 year old son needs prayers   5 years 36 weeks ago

    I can relate to your ache. I had to keep putting my son in God's hands too. He quit school and did many things that could have lead him to a serious spiral... "But God" got him an airplane ticket and took him to his uncles where he saw first hand where his path was leading, i just had to let him go and give him to God (and it wasn't easy) cause everything people said to do never worked it only made things worse. I Hope in God's path for him and pray that God Will Gently and Kindly lead my sons path to His like the merging lane on the freeway and he doesn't see it happen til it's already done. Now He's going to adult ed and trying to get into Job Corps... I give him bus money but he does it on his own. God can do anything! Everything!
    Hope In Jesus!!

  • PATTY   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Oh Honey don't be sad! Jesus loves you right where you are!!! He knows all of our aches that lead us to our choices!!! I pray that He leads you to the right help and Protects you from the the worldly ideas that people can unwittingly send your way!!! Even if it is Just the courage to walk through the door of a church and talk to a pastor who might have the answers your seeking. There is so much help out there for "YOU"
    Ask God For Help... My Children Help Give Me Purpose to FOCUS ON GOD!!!

  • I pray for Strenght   5 years 36 weeks ago


  • Separation   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Praying for kind and gentle restoration... after all God Is In The Restoration Business!!!

  • Prayers of Comfort for Marylou   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Praying God brings the right people to connect her with a loving church group or even sos radio!!
    God Help You AND Marylou!!!

  • Pray for Pete   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Years ago i had this awful vertigo and i'm not sure if this is what your friend has... when i would try to sit or stand i would get this awful nausea and the room would literally start moving and then slowly settle down like a deminishing bouncing. Did you know that there are these nodules inside your ear and when they get knocked loose they can cause this "vertigo" type feeling. One trip to the physical therapist was all it took.
    Hoping and praying it is something simple like this!!!

  • Power of Prayer   5 years 36 weeks ago

    my stomach does the same thing the dr told me that it could be 3 different things liver kidneys or gall bladder .. keep a record of when it happens what did you just eat? if it was fried or greesy it could be gallbladder. if it is accompinied with lower back pain and water retention possibly kidneys... if up high and hard liver.....been dealing with for three yrs they still havent been able to tell me so i stopped going ..i gave to GOD only he can heal us anyway .. i will pray for you . pray for me

  • Separation   5 years 36 weeks ago

    I have been in your shoes Karen,and in my case he did bring us back together and things are great now, but he does test our relationship and it does increase our endurance as a couple.

    I will Say a prayer for you. I just wanted you to know that there is hope.

  • Separation   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Praying for you, Karen!

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