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Galahad TV Pilot Open Auditions

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 7, 2012 (All day)

This is an Open Call for Auditions for our Christian-based Galahad TV Pilot. Auditions will take place from 9am to 5pm in the Green Valley United Methodist Fellowship Hall. When completed, the pilot will air on local Keen-17 TV. Royalties on future DVD sales are being offered to those who play roles in the pilot.

Green Valley Methodist Church
2200 Robindale Rd.
Henderson, Nevada 89074

Filming will take place from February 13th - February 18th at the GVUMC Fellowship Hall.

The role being cast for are as follows and all roles are recurring except for Mrs. Hollbrook:

Bill Janson (Featured/Male/All Ethnicities/35 - 40 years)
Description: FBI agent who recently resigned due to ongoing marital problems. Bill is separated from his wife, but retains custody of his 17 year old step daughter, Holly. Bill was once close friends with Galahad, but had a falling out about 6 months ago.

Mark Phillips (Featured/Male/African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous/45 - 55 years)
Description: Director of operations for the FBI in Las Vegas. Mark is an atheist who enjoys butting heads with those who believe in God. He is critical, judgmental, and sometimes overbearing.

David Collins (Featured/Male/All Ethnicities/18-20 years)
Description: David is an intern at the FBI who is studying criminal justice at the local community college. He is outgoing, enthusiastic, and a hard worker. He would do just about anything to get a chance to help solve a case.

Allison Stone (Featured/Female/Ethnically Ambiguous/7 - 9 years)
Description: Allison is Galahad's daughter who was killed in a car crash. She appears in a nightmare sequence in which Galahad re-lives the tragic accident and a flashback sequence as a Christmas caroler. Several lines of dialog are required of Allison in distress calling to her dad to help her. Should be comfortable with people and willing to project her voice loudly as if in distress. Must have nice singing voice. Will sing a short portion of a traditional Christmas Carol such as Silent Night.

Elise Stone (Featured/Female/Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander/28 - 35 years)
Description: Galahad's wife who died in a car accident. Elise appears in a flashback scene from before the accident. Elise is intelligent, sensitive, and loving. Her flashback scene is a discussion with her husband about their baby and what they will name her when she is born. A very tender moment.

Danny (Featured/Male/All Ethnicities/16 years)
Description: Danny is a teenage boy with autism that is accused of poisoning his girlfriend.

Bobby Gray (Featured/Male/Caucasian/14 - 18 years)
Description: Bobby is a teenager with Down syndrome. He has a carefree attitude and usually says exactly what he’s thinking even if it isn’t always appropriate or politically correct. He is Heather Gray’s cousin.

Melissa Hollbrook (Featured/Female/All Ethnicities/16 - 18 years)
Description: A troubled young girl who found love in a teenage boy with autism. After moving to a new school and losing all of her former friends, she acts out a romantic fantasy from Romeo & Juliet and commits suicide, but her boyfriend is left to take the blame.

Mrs. Hollbrook (Featured/Female/All Ethnicities/40 - 45 years)
Description: A hard-working manager for a local shipping company. She lost her daughter, Melissa, to an alleged poisoning by her autistic boyfriend. She is extremely bitter over the tragic event.

Organizer Information
Organizer name: 
Tommy Scott
Organizer e-mail: 
[email protected]


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